it is purely a business matter or a cold war in the ME?

There is a diplomatic standoff between the US and Egypt over the hosting by a Cairo-based satellite provider of an Iraqi TV station that fiercely backs Sunni insurgents.
Iraqi insurgents blowing up trucks, snipers picking off American soldiers, the charred bodies of Sunni civilians burnt alive - al-Zawraa offers a constant stream of these brutal images.

Most of the operations carry the logo of the Islamic Army of Iraq
US officials have tried to get the Egyptian government to have al-Zawraa taken off air, but so far without success. The Egyptians say it is purely a business matter and up to Nilesat management what they do.

But Lawrence Pintak thinks it is more significant.

"This is all part of the growing cold war in the Middle East between the Sunni Arab states and Iran and the Shia government in Iraq.

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