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It Is All About Respect

Rocketeer said:

There's hope still...
Sorry! It may seem cynical, but the obligue shot of this geezer in shades and the fact that the song's only available when you buy it seems to indicate that this Terry Kelly is riding a wave to increase his own bank balance. Why doesn't he offer the "choon" without cost, if he's so moved by the sentiment?

Might just be me, though.


you watched the video ?

SIGH there's always one cynic out there.. guess you " spotted" the conspiracy to make money off the sentimental old soldiers and families and retire to count millions..how perceptive..

sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, bugs...
I couldn't tell whether the song was about remembering the dead or more about him wanting to start a small war in the supermarket by sticking one on the bloke who wasn't showing respect.

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