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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Taita, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm looking into joining up into the IT specialism. However I am wary that all of the tech will be military specific, which won't be as relevant when I come out.

    I've decided that infantry / sigs isn't the route for me as my eyesight is + 5.25 in left eye and +4.50 in right eye, so I might not get in.

    I'm just about to become MCSA, and have plenty of experience in all aspects of networking and services.

    What is IT in the army like?
  2. Your best bet would be to ask in the Sigs forum, however bear in mind that whilst you think the IT stuff that the Army uses is no use at all in Civvy life, you have to ask where a lot of it gets used first prior to being released commercially ;)
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Not in the army, that's for sure.
  4. It would appear to be the other way round, a lot of sigs stuff is straight 'off the shelf'.
  5. Why would someone join the army already looking forward to when they get out?
  6. From my limited experience as a STAB...

    Half a gig of RAM is a luxury and the army doesn’t appear to have moved past Windows NT/2000 8O
  7. Nothing wrong with looking to your future. Life doesn't end after your time is served.
  8. Anything between -7.00 & +8.00 is fine (corrected with lenses) if you're just short sighted. You'll need to take in to account any additional prescription from astigmatism as well though.

    Eye Diseases section:
  9. You're right, funnily enough I am now an IT consultant charging between £60 and £100 an hour and I was in the Infantry.

    Just seems strange to plan your career around civvy life afterwards.

    What if he gets killed or injured on tour, God forbid? Could affect his civvy life? Best not go then.

    If his primary concern is civvy life and civvy qualifications, then stay a civvy.
  10. I know a hell of a lot of soldiers who only joined to get their licences and do the bare minimum of time and get out to a head start in civ div.

    21 yr old with 4 years HGV driving experience around the world as opposed to 21 yr old with 0 yrs driving experience. I know how I'd employ.
  11. The sigs use alot of off the sholf IT stuff these days and its only going to get more civillian orientated as the line between civvi and military becomes more blurred

    I am serving btwm in the signals so i do know what im talking about and am a little more 'qualified' to pass on info than some of the previous posts
  12. Hmm, so my civvy skills might not be much use?

    I'd love to be sigs really, plenty of tech and I suppose if you get attached to Infantry plenty of 'green' too.

    Think I need to get down the AFCO again after a break of 2 years!
  13. if you join as a tech (thats all the it oriented stuff) then you will have no chance of getting attached to a bg other than to spt the operators, they (im an op by the way) get to have the best of both worlds, a bit of trade (worthless when you come out tho) and a bit of the green stuff.

    unfortunately, you can't have your cake and eat it, i know only of a few techs who have been outside the wire on tours where as ops are frequenting the other side more and more

    Your MCSA will be useful, as will any exposure to cisco, 3com, etc but for the first few years at least you will be bored becuase essentially all your doing is desktop support.

    If your in IT now, then im pretty sure it's going to be a pay decrease for you if you join, not trying to put you off, just giving you some of the facts.
  14. Can you join as an operator then?

    Or are they infantry who have that as a specialism?
  15. 1. What specifically is it you want to do
    2. What skills do you have.
    3. What skills do you want to learn?
    4. What make you thin the army can give you those?
    5. Why do you want to join the army?