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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SlimeyToad, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. How the fcuk do I get rid of an annoying piece of NTL Internet Security software that takes forever to start up and (a) won't uninstall using it's Uninstall command, (b)won't uninstall when using Windows Add/Remove Programs, (c) you can't delete from Windows Explorer because all the dll's etc. are 'Access Denied' and keeps re-installing those files that you do manage to delete. I know the latter is not the ideal way to do things but I could sort the Registry out later.

    In the good old days I would have gone to DOS, removed the offending directories and tidied up the Registry later but I can't even get rid of the files from DOS because of 'Access Denied'.

    I can't even seem to remove it from the Windows Start Up - that would suffice if it would just fcuk off into the background and go to sleep.

    BTW, I am running Norton IS so the PC is protected.

    Any assistance gratefully welcomed with a promise of beer when next we meet.........
  2. If you know what you are doing, you can start to delete the necessary instructions in the Registry - if on the other hand you don't, don't!
  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    No promising it'll work but ...

    Google for a program called StartupCPL, download and install it. It places a small application (called Startup) in Control Panel which lists everything started at start-up and where from.

    Untick the rogue software and it ought not to load.

    (It is possible to do this without installing the app I suggest, but it's a nice little front-end.)

    You also might want to consider Googling for ERUNT (which will also come with NTRegOpt), an Emergency Registry Utility (or somesuch) for NT Windows and derivatives, ie 2000 and XP - dunno about Vista: haven't bothered indenting foe a ten-foot bargepole, and an NT (and derivatives) Registry Optimiser.

    ERUNT automatically backs up the registry at logon; NTRegOpt optimises the Registry on request by tidying up the hives.

    The reason for these two products is that the supplied Windows Registry tools are in fact a waste of storage on NT and derivatives, because "restoring" the Registry using these tools simply reloads the good registry on top of the knackered one, leaving all the warts in place. There's plenty of bumph on the websites for the products.

    But no promises: security software is notorious for making itself difficult to remove.
  4. I had the same probelm on my Packard Bell PC a complete arrse to try and get rid of. I tried to delete the registry stuff and screwed the PC completely. Rebuilt and of course the bloody thing comes back in all it's nasty glory.

    Got rid of it in the end after my son showed me that with Packard Bell PC's they have an uninstall option just for their pre-loaded software. Find it, use it and the jobs a goodun, gone for good.. well until the next time I have to re-build anyway :D
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    You are probably right, but I have earned many a crust doing just that....


  8. Try and download the app, it's a registry cleaner, so I'm told by those nice chaps at Adobe afte I bolleaxed a Photoshop install.
  9. you could try starting windows in safe mode, and thus it may not load the software and delete it that way.

    The other is to ring NTL (Virgin) and ask them?

  10. [​IMG]

    I find one of these removes most unwanted NTL cr@p, be it s/w or crap engineers.

    I fecking hate the sh1te s/w they force you to load. Best advice is don't install it unless you really really really have to!

    If you connecting via a cable modem or through the back of your set top box you do not need to install it. Just set up a Lan network via windows own.
  11. Go here and download WinXP manager (assuming you're using Win XP - there's also a Vista version).

    It rips programs out and cleans the registry. They let you play with it for 15 days before they come knocking for any cash, it's inexpensive enough to buy if you want it for keeps - they upgrade you as you change OS.
  12. Hit "Start" > Run

    type msconfig in the little box and click OK

    Click on the Startup tab of the next thing that pops up on the screen. You'll see boxes ticked against the various stuff that starts up at boot time. Untick what you dont want to start.

    When you're done, click Apply and then click OK.

    the computer will ask if you want to restart. Say yes.

    For Packard-Hell users, there's now a universal system rectification tool available from

    That's it.
  13. msr

    msr LE

  14. Agreed. Norton is a fcuking hog and not as good as most people think it is.

    There's a load of free antivirus stuff to be had, some good, some bad, some indifferent. Do your research first rather than just installing them and trying them out - some don't uninstall properly and you'll be back where you started tooling about with msconfig.
  15. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Loads of useful advice here:

    that may be helpful.

    I hope you plan to tell us all when you solved it, how, and where you learned the trick. :D

    . . . and as for the beer . . . .