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Good morning Ladies and Gents,
Please can someone help me out, or if I'm p1ssing against the wind, tell me.

All I want to do is insert a piece of video from Youtube into a powerpoint slide, how do I do it? I'll be honest, I haven't got a clue, I'm ok with powerpoint generally, but this is just beyond my range of abilities. Thanks in advance for any help.



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First of all where or what are you going to use your presentation for.
Home or Work use?

One of the best things to do is to download the clip onto your own machine and virus check it as it is coming in or as soon as it has downloaded. When okay and you are happy about this simply
open powerpoint (choosing your required template first)
Then go to the top menu bar and click INSERT then go to MOVIES AND SOUNDS then from FILE.
Go to where you stored the file, double click then the clip will appear on
the powerpoint slide with a message DO YOU WANT IT TO START AUTOMATICALLY or words to that effect.
And hopefully that will be it.
Don't for get that if you are going to be displaying the presentation on another machine save ALL parts of your presentation to your CD or STORGAE DEVICE and just test the presentation.
The amount of Career course JNCO SNCO etc who just thought it would work still amazes me. Plus I use to deliberately put a WINDOWS 98 machine in the classroom just to see if students did any prep.

Good luck any probs post back
Getting the video clip on to your hard drive is the most difficult part.

As far as I know you need to install some SW to do this as you can't download directly from YouTube.

Easiest solution is to use Google video to download the clips.

Plus there any number of free/shareware sites that you can try.

Try YouTube to Me from that link.

Once you have the clip downloaded it is just normal Powerpoint insertion etc.


job done fellas, thank you both very much, I needed both your advice to do the whole trick, happy days, thanks again.
Bagster said:
job done fellas, thank you both very much, I needed both your advice to do the whole trick, happy days, thanks again.

If you need to do it again, paste the link from youtube here, Download converter

Select source from Righthand box, press enter.
When screen refreshes click on 'Download Link' this will open the normal download window to save the file.

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