IT Help Desk 1st Line Support Bod ABu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by steinlagerXV, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. Required for the Emirates a Helpdesk 1st Line Support Operator

    Requirements Windows 7, Office 2010, Some Network Experience, Able to create accounts, install printers on networks,

    If you are selected for first stage interviews, then second stage interviews, and if you get through all that a tax free salary, 40 days leave a year, four return flights and single status accomodation accomodation and office hours with occassional over time are up for grabs.

    PM Me for more info.
  2. Do you need any qual? I have tons of experience, but no qualification....not that mcse is worth anything
  3. I could do that job from my living room, any chance of offshoring it ?
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  4. But then you wouldn't be able to mix with the Emirates girlies.
  5. I'd still need to be onsite at least four times a year ;)
  6. It involves a lot more hands on than being able to off shore it to India to have a resident of Mumbai to tell you to turn it off and on again! Last call for applications, closes tomorrow!
  7. PM sent. . . . .