It has spread

What all these hand wringing limp wristed ******* fail to understand however is that these people are protesting nothing, they have seen the bullshit they can get away with in London and steal anything that is not nailed down so they are trying it on there and after a bit of "fun".

I find it rather amusing that it's the ****ing bone idle benefit claiming cnuts who are out rioting over nothing whilst once again we the lovely taxpayers have to foot the bill and get****ed *********** by the government at the same time. I propose a counter riot gentlemen, none of this namby pamby running towards someone and shouting "******", kicking a shield then running away. A nice steady march with pick halves and sledgehammers and beating the vermin to death with no moving backwards. Of course however in true arrse tradition I have thrown out this idea and will wait for somebody else to start it.
I thought it had spread to the pads estate in Colchester but it's just the Fijians on the piss.
Drop off a couple of 4 tonners of pissed up Fijians into London and point towards the nearest rabble and inform them that the **** stole their beer.
To think if we were Egyptian we'd have Apache's leathering the crap out of the plod by now!
We sent Apaches into Egypt did we?


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Drop off a couple of 4 tonners of pissed up Fijians into London and point towards the nearest rabble and inform them that the **** stole their beer.
At least the women would get a slapping.
Hopefully they will still be at in in Brum next week. I'm up there and maybe I can pick up a new telly from Lootie.
Theres going to be some cracking deals on ebay this week. :)
FFS it's summer and it's a recession, it ain't ****ing rocket science!
They are not the Tolpuddle Martyrs FFS.
I don't see impoverished pensioners heading for ALDI; no, it's the little darlings raiding Armani etc and having a whale of a time. Think they're all Gangsta, my arse has more attitude. It's time to unleash hell. Solve lora infernis.
Rioting kicked off in Birmingham, millions of pounds worth of improvements have been caused.


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well at least the kids can sing contempory nursery rhymes in the playground now. just need the plague back now in time for next year.

you wouldnt have thought the rest of london was so upset about the olympic ticket fiasco but there you go.

after being lectured about how the govt policies are the right thing to do and europe has it all wrong its good to see the people saying otherwise. all I can see happening though is lots more advisors draining money and little or no action to actually fix things.
It's got **** all to do with cuts, GG. Most of these rioters wouldn't know what a public sector cut looked like if it came up to them and offered them a free shell suit from JJB and a bag of basmati rice. You've got a bunch of people who've spent most of their young lives being told that nothing is their fault and that it's all the result of racism, snobbery, etc, etc and that they don't have to take responsibility for their actions.

When/if they have been picked up by the local constabulary, they've ended up being given nothing more strenuous than a slap on the wrist, possibly wearing an ASBO as a badge of honour. To compound it all, a variety of accelerated promotion scheme senior police officers have attempted to implement approaches to policing based upon the complex sociological/psychological they've picked up doing MAs - sadly, all these MAs have done is to give them enough information to make them dangerous, thus creating an environment in which policing properly is impossible. Policing properly doesn't involve arresting people on suspicion of being a member of an ethnic minority in a public place, but equally it doesn't mean pandering to fashionable ideas about how individuals from less well off commuities cannot be held responsible for their actions in most cases.

Cuts my arrse - these are 'disaffected yoofs' who are disaffected only because they've been told that they're 'entitled' to do whatever they damn well please, and know that if the police respond in what, until the rise of the human rights industry was a perfectly proportionate and reasonable manner, they can whine about 'institutional racism', etc, etc, etc. Victims of cuts? Not likely. Criminals who'd benefit from getting a baton round across the knees/a decent smack around the head with a baton? Most definitely.
I was sick and tired of hearing about all this stereotypical behaviour going on in London so I rang my gran in Croyden.

"Cor blimey guvnor" she said, "I can't Adam and Eve it. A gang of egg and spoons ran up me apple and pears then half inched me Auntie Nellie".
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