It has left the 'weekend warrior’ image far behind and come of age

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, May 13, 2011.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. My best full screw has been on FTRS from 4 PARA with us since Herrick 4. Just got a distinction on senior Brecon as well. Never had a problem with the 4 PARA blokes on Herrick but had a few mongs on Telic 1. To be honest there isn't that much difference between regular and TA Para Regt. Most have bags of operational experience, are all fit and most of them switched on.
  3. Wait out for Govt TA good news story come June.
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  4. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    One of the comments underneath is a little off in his facts:
    4RGJ went to the Londons, 5 RGJ went to the Royal Rifle Volunteers before rejoining as 7th Battalion, The Rifles. As for 6LI it became part of the Rifle Volunteers (not the same as the RRV) which went on to become 6th Battalion, The Rifles.

    The article itself is a good information piece for many of the general public who remain unaware of the contribution in numbers to Regular battalions from the TA. I never encountered any anti-STAB attitudes amongst the lads in battalion, as long as you did your job you were one of the team.
  5. "Most noteworthy is that over the past decade, 4 Para has provided more soldiers than any other TA infantry battalion for operations"

    I have no reason to dout him but out of curiosity are there figures anywhere (accessable to plebs like myself) of numbers of TA soldiers deployed by unit?
  6. Is the guy in the articles photo the slimmest STAB that they could find??
  7. Very interesting, well found.
  8. So what's basically happening is that the TA is finally, after all these years, able to live up to being a viable Reserve for the Regulars?

    Its only taken just over a century.

    There is still a long, long way to go, and a lot of mongs need culling before the TA as a whole can accept the admiration of the public en masse, without being heroic by association with the lads who do deploy. The amount of mongs who volunteer for Ops, crayon all over facebook that they're training for Afghan, and then biff at the last moment is still a massive embarrassment.

    Kudos to 4 PARA though, thats the way to do it. Good lads.
  9. Praetorian, is this just another dig at BB or do you hold us all in such contempt. In every walk of life their are exceptions to any rule. So in your estimation how many of the 32,000 TA troops need to hand there kit in and Fcuk off. Cheers S n O
  10. of the 32,ooo or so stabs, i would bet my bounty that there are more ''dead wood'' regs in the ''real army'' ! than biffs in stab world.......
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  11. Really? An 8% pass rate for a recent TA PFT might shoot that theory down in flames. Tithead.

  12. If I had to take a swag, I would guess that in a given TA unit, you will find the following:

    - 5% on the books, but who have effectively 'left'
    - 10% who attend so irregularly as to be ineffective in their role
    - 5% who attend regularly, but would leave rather than be compulsorarily mobilised
    - 5% who attend regularly, but are non-deployable due to fitness

    So maybe around the 25-30% mark?

  13. prove the quote, your just getting shitty pants at the thought of a STAB doing your job at a fraction of the cost,, wake up, smell the coffe, anyone can lick stamps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I don't have to prove anything ********. I've worked with stabs on ops and here in UK. Enough ******* said.
  15. run away run away,,,,,,, nasty man calls me nasty names and CANNOT prove his bull shit....
    has your photocopyer been a tad premenstral today and you have ink on your pinkys ????