It Has Become So Boring Here

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by arcid, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. What has happened here? It used to be fun to check the Aviation site for some laughs, but now it's so boring that i just want to curl up and go back to sleep. What happened to all the funny stories? Now all i see and hear, is bitching about which department is the best (AAC) or does anybody recognise this absolutely useless/pointless piece of sh.t (Whats This,) or some other naff questions (see Aviation site).

    Please get out more, do something funny, instead of sitting in front of your computers/TV/Playstation/XBox or private A/C photos.

    I am really looking forward to reading your replies (especially MDN and Flasheart who have obviously seen and done soooo much). I am going to bed soon 'cos i've got to be up early tomorrow.

  2. Piss up a rope shitlips.

    Why dont you start a funny thread?

    Most good eggs are across at

    Clearly you aint.
  3. That was a nice fast reply Mr Flasheart,
    I don't know that many funny stories and you're right, i'm not. It must be because i'm not a good egg. I don't see the point of urinating up a rope but if you think i should do it, i'll try.
  4. Best you go back to sleep then lofty.
  5. I'm not called lofty and i can stay up a little longer, but thanks for your concern about me getting enough sleep. I was expecting some kind of slagging off from you, but you are really a good egg. Hope to hear from you again soon. Maybe you have a funny bedtime story for me ?
  6. You are never asleep old man ,You are awake 24/7 . :D

  7. Fuck off and die in a house fire, Chubb.
  8. I'm sorry but i'm a little confused. You seem to be calling people by their wrong names (Lofty and Chubb). I can clearly see who is writing, by checking the left hand side of my screen. Don't get me wrong, but maybe you could do with some sleep?
  9. Flash is your mrs looking for a younger model like me ,Heard you are getting a bit old to give her the exercise she deserves :D

  10. 'roseleigh' is this sites equivalent of gonorrhea. Its the nephew and lover of Sara Jane Chubb.

    His aunty used to tamper with him as a kid. Grotty fcuking family.
  11. NA NA flash i heard you have shagged my auntie you grotty little man
  12. The only thing I'd shag her with is a Spaz 12.

    Its easier to spot you than a Giraffe trying to get in a Hippos only club whilst dressed as a Polar Bear.

    Has that letter bomb exploded yet?
  13. what that love package you sent her and those dirty phone messages
    dirty little man
  14. Got any proof regarding those accusations?

    Her address is all over the internet thanks to you so it could be from one of the 167,000 other people who would love to see her and you thrown into a lime bit with your throats cut.

    Still feel safe?
  15. flash old man but touchy arent you ha ha
    i have to say my auntie can sort you out ,Which is so funny