It Happened To Me ghost stories?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Archangel, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Okay... just a weird thought here. I was wondering if anyone had got any ghost stories they'd like to share? Talking to mates I realise that almost everyone has some sort of story to relate on this subject.

    A work colleague told me recently that, for several nights on the trot, her husband woke up in a cold sweat at around 2am to see a small girl standing at the foot of their bed (she never saw anything by the way) while their dog "went mental" outside the bedroom door.

    Is this evidence of spectral creatures from the nether world crossing over the astral plane to make contact with the living? ... or is it more likely to be evidence that their dog is not the only one "going mental" in that household (and possibly that her tw@t husband should try sobbering up) I know which one my money's on!

    Now I have to admit that I think ghosts are a load of cock but you can't beat a good ghost story... any offers?
  2. Ive had one at RAF coninsby probably spelt that wrong, think it was there was at their museum, and theres a scene where they have replicated a control room . The sort of place with maps telephones radios etc think they were all origional. while we were looking at it the sound effects started and you could hear all the chatter on the radio and screaming and shouting etc. we even made some comments about how good they sounded. It was about a year ago when we were watching most haunted doing a investigation there that they said that there was no sound in this display and many people had reported hearing the same things we did.

    still cant explain it.
  3. Ravers

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  4. During a course over the summer in the officers' mess at Grantham, a frend of mne claimed to have been woken up in the middle of the night by a looming figure in WW2 service dress staring out of the window.

    He was quite shaken the next day; and the mess staff, when told, all looked at each other and told us about the 'mess ghost', a crab batman who was killed in an accident during the war...

    Alternatively, he read the placard about the mess ghost and had a nightmare durng a stressful and well-lubricated course...
  5. Thanks Ravers.. I thought I couldn't be the only one who'd thought of this. Just goes to show I should check the other threads more carefully before putting up a new post :oops:
  6. On the 18th May 1943 five people were killed in my back garden, I was not born at the time but my fathers first family where all killed and he re-married and so you can all blame the Luftwaffe for my birth, Now this fact has caused me a great deal of fun over the years, My girlfriends friend who claimed to be a medium was hilarous, she said whilst sitting under my trees, (planted in the crater) what a peacfull place my garden was, laugh, I nearly choked
  7. Ooh, another:

    Back in 1992, ten year old Rumps was on holiday with his mum in Boscastle, Cornwall. We went to the witch museum, which, after initial fairy-tale style displays, became eerier and more occult. As we entered the 'inner sanctum' (it's in a sort of labyrinth structure) with the skeleton of an 18th c witch, my mum freaked out. She went white, started sweating, panicking... the works, and rushed out, with me trotting along behind her. After about 15mins composing herself outside, she apologised, saying she couldn't explain it but had to get out.

    Roll on a good few years, and I was flicking through the Fortean Times (I know...) at a mate's house, and there was an article about the Boscastle Witch Museum. The curators had 'had to' bury the skeleton in a pagan ceremony because it was sending out 'bad vibes' to 'sensitives' in protest at being on display. Quite a few people had rushed out in a cold sweat, it turned out.

    My mum, being of Irish parentage, felt both vindicated and extra-Celticly sensitive... :)
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  8. I know the rev Lionel Fanthorp from the Fortean Times he Is a local vicar
  9. Ah ha! So you buy the Fortean Times too! Don't deny it... it's nothing to be ashamed of (probably nothing to be too proud of either but what the hell!)

    As you've probably noticed from their 'It Happened To Me' section that's where I got the idea for this thread ('kind remarks' from Geordie_Berk notwithstanding!)
  10. Just mentioning Fortean Times with Rumplestiltskin... Is the Reverend Lionel still going? Still riding a motorbike and singing daft songs? :D
  11. Bike and leathers still around
  12. Gave a lift to a female hitchhiker once, she told me she was a witch, when I told her to prove it, she put her hand on me crotch and I turned into a lay-by.
  13. BrunoNoMedals

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    Me likey. I'll be using that one for the rest of the week, I reckon :D
  14. The first time I heard that one I fell out my Pram laughing

    Pram,-- posh very old push chair with sides , for all our younger readers
  15. TheIronDuke

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    Meh. Ghost stories.

    OK, I am not a swearing man, but I swear to god this is true.

    Many years ago I walked out of a Council type flat onto the balcony. And I turned left, the quickest way to the stairs. And I almost bumped into a small girl who said "Go the other way".

    She looked serious, and not wanting to cause a fuss, I did.

    Half way along the balcony I heard pounding feet and saw men running across the courtyard below. Looking ahead I saw the same girl pointing at the last door on the balcony and, slightly freaked by the running men, walked towards the door.

    Just as I reached the door, it opened. A young woman walked out. I turned towards her and said "Can you tell me which direction the train station is?"

    She started to explain, just as the men turned the corner on the staircase.

    What they saw was, me and the young lady coming out of her flat, her locking the door and us chatting. They stood aside. Let us past. It was obvious something was going down, and I expected the young lady to say "I dont know this guy. He just appeared outside my door". But she didnt. We walked through them, and away.

    I never saw the young girl again.

    And I am puzzled as to how she got from behind me, to 20 yards in front of me, without me noticing.

    If she was a ghost, lets have more of them.