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IT guru and Computer guru

Ive managed to get 'Brave Sentry' lodged firmly in my machine and its having a field day.

It won't let me access control panel and is refusing to let me delete it. Is this the mother of all virus's is there anyway to get rid of it or do I have to reformat my machine.

Please help I'm proper fcuked!
How did I get infected with Brave Sentry?

You're probably asking yourself how did you get infected with Brave Sentry in the first place. The most common reasons for being infected with Brave Sentry, and possibly other types of spyware, is that you're not following good security practices, you don't have a good anti-spyware program and your security settings are too low.

Below are a few of the possible reasons you might have become infected with Brave Sentry.

Reason #1: You downloaded a freeware or shareware program. Spyware is often found hidden in freeware/shareware programs. Find out about a program before you download it.

Reason #2: You installed a peer-to-peer (P2P) or shared network application. Some peer-to-peer file sharing programs may come bundled with Brave Sentry or other forms of spyware as an add-on software.

Reason #3: You visited a questionable website. If you visit the wrong website you can accidentally click on a link that can automatically install unwanted software such as Brave Sentry. Some websites can trick you by displaying a fake security pop-up that may install Brave Sentry or direct you to a purchase page.
Why do I automatically assume #3?


Book Reviewer
I'm surprised indeed that your computer works at all. It must be riddled with viruses, trojans, back-doors (ooer) and I bet your email system gets about 30,000 porn-mails per day too! Mine does!


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SparkySteve said:
minister_doh_nut said:
Thankyou kindly gentlemen......

I just googled 'hardcore orgydogfcuk'
Just google the images next time, not the pages then.
Why, oh why, oh why did I just Google 'hardcore orgydogfcuk'?!?!!? I'm happy to say, it found nothing (phew, that was a close-run thing).

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