It gets worse!!

Justice?? Bolloxs!!
Banned from killing someone ( the short fall )


I find it hard to believe that this individual is still allowed to be free

Streets ban on gun crime suspect, 18
Jan 10 2008 by Luke Traynor, Liverpool Echo

A TEENAGER questioned by police over an ongoing gun war has been banned from acting in a violent or threatening manner Isn't this illegal now ? a in a network of streets in Huyton.

An injunction against Nathan McGrail was extended yesterday which restricts his behaviour and the streets he is allowed to enter in the area in which he lives.

The 18-year-old is on bail after he was arrested in December on suspicion of discharging a firearm in Princess Drive, Huyton.
Detectives had publicly appealed for help tracing his whereabouts after a number of shootings in the Huyton area.

Now, Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT) has secured the ruling, which remains in place until a county court hearing next month which could make the injunction permanent. Good Eh?

KHT allege that McGrail, of Baker Green, has twice breached terms of an order which was obtained in November. He denies this and will contest the hearing.

The conditions prevent him from:

Using or threatening violence against any other person Same here within the boundaries of Huyton Lane, Liverpool Road, Bluebell Lane and Longview Lane.

Being found at or entering into this area.

Being found in possession of any illegal firearm or other weapon in the same area. JHC!!
Causing or threatening to cause damage to any property within the same area. What??
Being found at and causing or threatening to cause damage to an address in Lyme Cross Road, Huyton, and an address in Princess Drive, Huyton, or the Quiet Man Public House, Long View Drive, Huyton. This gets better as we read
Associating or being found with (named person) at an address in Reeds Road, Huyton

If he breaches any of the conditions, he can be arrested. Whoopee :roll: Steve Gow, assistant director of housing of KHT, said: “We are fully involved with our partners Knowsley council and Mersey side police in taking positive ?? and effective action in the initiative to tackle gun crime.

Could also read ......"Whoe betide any one who drops a fag end in a public place who could face a large fine or improsenment
“This injunction sends out a strong ( Boll-ox ) message to the community that we will not tolerate the safety of our residents being put in jeopardy by a small, mindless minority.”

These individuals are laughing all the way to their next badge of honour ( Asbo )

Sorry, but this has been under my skin all evening
ADAM. My site. Go on Go on Go on ( Valentines is here soon ).
You have to laugh mate - this is in the same week that a Ms Badger is to go to Crown Court in Birmingham for dropping an apple core out of her car window! Balance?
DarkNinja said:
You have to laugh mate - this is in the same week that a Ms Badger is to go to Crown Court in Birmingham for dropping an apple core out of her car window! Balance?

The link I posted was not as actually printed in the paper.
He was under the restrictions as posted ALREADY but breeched them again ( twice ) and was given a suspended sentence :x
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