it drives my round the TWIST

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by daleRoch, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. I have a question!
    Do you remember when your trouser twists use to last longer then a week? yes I know its petty but it is just one of them things that bugs me,
  2. What language is your keyboard set to?
  3. You used to get little bungees with new vehicle strops that were just the right length to go around the average ankle (not an army lass cankle in other words) and they seem to last forever without stretching. My pair have managed 11 years so far.
  4. Got a shit pair from Bull's in Cat-rick. Crap. Too loose to begin with and not stretchy. Had to use elastic bands for ages.
  5. the little elastic doodahs you get with the concealment sets work quite well, the was talk of issuing something similar when I was on T4....
  6. A lot of twists are wholsale from Thatchreed, the guys who do the webtex kit. (I have an account :) )
  7. Never liked them. I prefer the laces in the bottoms. Much more secure and longer lasting.
  8. Laces work, like in the C 95 trousers and also you can just get a length of that one inch wide elastic like you find in sewing and clothing supplies, 2 pieces tied in a knot and does the same job as twisties but dont break or cost you a couple of quid here and there every few days which should be spent on beer instead
  9. I stocked up on 10 pairs from the PX on TELIC - these are the ones we modeled our on when puttees went out. Thing with them is, they are still made of the same stuff by the same firm, as is the way with Yank kit, and they last forever. Of the 10 packs I got I've opened 3 - one set in the bottom of each pair of boots I regularily use, saves me hunting around my cell for 'em and they show no signs of aging at all after about 9 months. Smashing.

    As for the laces thing, I cut em off as using them makes you look like a tramp.

    Carry on.
  10. I agree but if you are going to use them, drop your trousers and tie them up from the inside, the stay tucked up all day and the material does not bunch up at the front(as much)!
  11. Ask your local postman for some they have some massive elastic bands that when doubled over do the job well off tpic but used to have a stick man that had cardboard or similar tucked into the bottom of his lightweights to give it a perfect circle, looked a bit sh1te though
  12. Just use bits of tubigrip - we get enough free with brufen at the med centre and it doesn't dig in
  13. Or you could sew your socks onto the bottom of your trouser legs.

    edited to add:

    make sure that they are the right way round.

    I got this tip from 5.56mm.
  14. That is a top tip 8)