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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Excognito, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. After an absence of several months from ARRSE, during which hardly an errant thought passed through my skull, the following happened:

    1. I read the original The town where McDonald's counts as health food article.
    2. I note the word "Science" at the top of the webpage.
    3. I lookup the following article: How Rain Man's brain really worked.
    4. I wonder who Kim Peek was (Hmm. Kim? maybe it was a Rain Woman and I can have a peek at her chesticles? We all know how septics can be with facts ...).
    5. Turn to Wiki Kim Peek - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, sadly not a Rain Woman.
    6. I read
    "He could not button up his shirt and had difficulty with other ordinary motor skills, presumably due to his damaged cerebellum, which normally coordinates motor activities. ....
    He travelled with his father, who took care of him and performed many motor tasks that Peek found difficult."
    7. I recall what motor tasks the average teenage male spends a lot of time doing and promptly throw up.
  2. You can't talk about Weeeeeeewolf like that.

    His mam still tucks him at night.

    Did you know that?
  3. I spent yesterday working through the "Extreme Wingnuttery" category of RationalWiki.

    Worth it for shits & giggles.
  4. Another thread which makes absolutely no sense to me...

    I think I'll go and watch the telly.

  5. Yer man starts reading an article in the Daily Mail,and got sidetracked.
    Is Columbo on yet?
  6. Oh look! A Squirrel.
  7. The "Extreme Moonbattery" Category also has some very thoughtful and profound statements to make, expressed with the kind of eloquence so seldom found outside the hallowed halls of NAAFI.

    : George Galloway is a batshit British MP
    : Robert Mugabi Robert "Bob" Gabriel Mugabe, a.k.a. "Comrade Bob" is the crazed and tyrannical dictator of Zimbabwe
    : David Icke is a human singularity of insanity best known for his UFO and conspiracy theory advocacy. He came to fame as an English footballer and sports commentator and used to be a spokesman for the UK Green Party, but since 1991 has devoted his life to informing the world that it's actually secretly controlled by evil shape-shifting lizard-people from the 4th dimension. Genuinely.
  8. Where? Oh, that! ... I don't think it's a Squirrel, looks more like a Fennec.
  9. That's two of us then. :sad:
  10. :thumright:

  11. What's your link analysis chart looking like? :)
  12. At least it's his Mam.
  13. Ever hear of the Minnesota State Sex Crimes Analysis System? Or the Violent Crime Linkage System (ViCLAS), you know the one the Mounties use to always get their man ...
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