It deserves a thread of its own

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tiny_lewis, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. ignore... it wont allow me to add the bloody animated GIF... nor delete the bloody post!
  2. you may not be, I can fucking assure you that I am!

    What was the fucking question again?
  3. As Arrse threads go, this is a fucking classic!

    It's like when you play golf - all you need is one good hit, when you make ultimate contact with the fuck-pig... the sound of the clean hit and the ball rising through the parabola, straight and true and trundling onto the green, even if all your other shots are shite. It's enough to make you play another round.

    This is one such thread. I'll be back on page 30 to see how it's developed.
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  4. Is this a "thread of requirement" a la harry fucking potter.
    Basically whenever you need it, it appears, therefore we may take it that whatever amuses us or interests us most has just been posted by another very kind and knowlegable arrser and we may reply to it however we see fit.

    Fucking wizards....shit cunts, surely if you could do magic scary enough to be called fucking death eaters, you'd just explode the heads of everyone you didn't like.
    Then bum seven different colours of shit out of hermione.....don't say you wouldn't, you lying cunts.
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  5. You are J K Rowling (Welcome to Arrse Jay, I may call you Jay may I?) and I claim my turn with your wizards sleeve...
  6. notworthy.jpg
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  7. To be brutally frank, I'd be happy holding her hand.

    However, in the interest of saving a thread with a good title, may I offer:Mother-Daughter Porn Duo Jessica Sexxxton, Monica Sexxxton Aiming To Be Filthy Rich (VIDEO, PHOTOS)


    And in the interests of research (and moderately cognizant of the site rules), you'll need to search on 'clip hunter' sexxtons.

    Dodgy, but I couldn't help noticing two bottles of water on the night stand. Very professional.

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  8. Do I win any prizes for guessing it's got something to do with Joe Civvie's current sig?
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  9. it will be xmas soon
  10. .........................I am totally baffled.

    Golf, porn stars, worthiness, Harry Potter, wizards, Shit Cunts, JK Rowling & Joe Civvy?

    What the fuck is that all about!
  11. Here ya go Airborne. Hokey Pokey aside, THIS is what it's all about.


    And they are right, LEGS/HATS are NOT WORTHY.
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  12. Wish I was worthy. OK at Worthy, Worthy Down doing a clerks course and doing a clerk.
  13. What can you possibly mean?
  14. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Yep that bandwidth hungry GIF that is fucking up SATCOMN services to half the military.