It couldnt happen to a nicer bloke

I have always though of Gerry Addams as looking a bit Neanderthal. Having seen his old man I can see where he gets it from. I hope his old man plugged Gerry's arse for years and from a very young age.
ahhhh, the olive branch that all the bleeding heart liberal types will be able to clasp and declare how poor Jerry Adams was merely the victim in all this and it was his pent up aggression and frustration against his own dearly departed and much (man) loved father that led to his murderous part in the 'troubles'

Fek him, I hope you were Rogered rigid every night sans vaseline...rot in hell, every last one of you!
vvaannmmaann said:
When will Cyclops apologise?

Ooooh I'll have a tenner on a week next Wednesday.
Well you have to say it goes some way to explaining his psychopathic tendancies and willingness to kill and injure innocent people. it was just his rage and anger with society. To be fair I know many Prots who have long argued that Gerry and his like were in-bred kiddie fiddlers.

I am sure that this treatment at the hands (and....) of his father will have led to other behaviour. He will have grown up looking for someone to confide in, someone who could handle his secrets. This ...errrr handler (shall will call him) could have shared his pain and allowed him to talk openly about his family and friends. He would have understood how betrayed Gerry felt and would have encouraged him to let out those feelings and in turn gain retribution by betraying others in a controlled manner. In trying to help Gerry he could have touted other therapies, encouraged him not to harbour secrets and in turn to help others.

Could I be on to something here?
The last refuge of a charlatan ''I was abused as a child'' Most Nationalists I know either ate their children or trained them.

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