It couldnt happen - could it?

Picture the scene
10 years hence and ranks above major can be applied for by civvies if they claim to have 'enough management experience' - these posts will be filled with females from HR and sales backgrounds, their first move will be to do away with ranks and rank markings as 'they are not needed in industry so are not needed here' they will then go onto set targets to recruit 'underepresented groups' (women, dissabled and ethnic minorities) whole new empires of (women - because it will fill targets) will be created to organise courses on diversity and 'advise' e.g. police their self set goals and when they arenot reached the bar will be lowered so they can get more cuckoos into the nest.
It wont happen I hear you cry - look at he Fire Service, the above has already happened, Officers with 30 plus years experience of command have been sidelined as they dont do 'PC speak' (they can put out fires and deal with any manner of emergency - and is this not what the public pay for and want?) but the service is too busy with tokenism and target chasing to worry about fires etc, bloody nuisance in office life)
Strange though is it not that the all wimmin who have cuckood into the nest at high levels in brigades have rushed out and had uniforms - with full (not earned) rank marking on them
Coming to a uniformed serice near you soon !
rant ends!
Its happening to the Police.
Look at all the Chief Constables or their Assistants.
They're all either Ethnics, Women or Woofters (or preferably a combination of)who have been fast tracked into the top jobs.
They can't all be there because they have the most experience(most look too young) or are the most able to do the job. They're political appointments.
The same process has happened to all British institutions, its part of the "liberals" plan of social engineering. The only institutions left, that have any links to our past are the Army and the Monarchy. Expect both of them to come under increasing pressure in the future. The Army first, as it is probably the only thing left that could stop them from completley changing Britain into a country that our grandparents wouldn't recognise.


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I hate to disagree with the 'nay-sayers', but it will happen, and has already started to happen.
Privatisation and civilianisation is a cheaper option and will hold sway in the very near future. The job that I do should be carried out by a soldier, but it is now a civilian post. Ok, I am ex, and have a fair bit of experience, but that is not mooted in the job description.
Group4Securicor are providing 'rioters' for military training, and a great deal of training is being contracted out. SASC QMSIs and training officers will be replaced by civilian training coordinators. In some garrison postings, the commanding officer need not be a soldier, but a qualified manager, with accounting experience, and even some company commanders could - and will be - replaced with civilian managers. It is happening in the police and educational areas.
It will happen here. No one is inviolate.


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It's been happening for a while. How many of us remember the paymaster being a RO.
B_AND_T said:
It's been happening for a while. How many of us remember the paymaster being a RO.
Military medical staff.
The catering corp staffing the kitchens and a duty cook on through the night for unexpected arivals etc.
Most of the office staff being service personel.
Much of the international logistic supply vehicles/drivers in FRY seemed to be civilian.

Drip-drip-drip, slowly wearing away.
:lol: Yes wonder if they go sick before meeting the Taliban,wonderful thing education,many get a degree in Uni. as educated idiots, with no common sense, just look at M.P.s. :lol: Years ago they used to say if you have two sons put one in the church and the other in the army,now its the F.Office, or other non productive areas. They have stuffed parts of the police up, once you had to start as a plod MK 1 then work your way up having gained valuable on the ground experience, the high flyers have degrees in some useless subject eg political science and follow the money/promotion trail, cant blame them, it is the system that has been made for the clever ones to grab :lol: :lol: :lol: must watch the Bill more often. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
This is so very true. When you really think about it, it all makes sense. All the way down the line to one of our blocks had repairs done to the door frame the other day. What would be wrong with getting 4 sappers in to do that rather than 6 civvy contractors.

Its in your face every time you tip up at the guard room, the cook house, the med centre, the stores... We'll probably end up scrapping the army and going with group 4 anyways.


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It happened very quickly in the police force. When I first started, there were police in the enquiry office and radio room was 1 sgt and 1 civilian. Then, in a very short time, prosecutios was taken over, radio room became control room fully civilian, enquiry office became clerical workers, and then custody office was civilianised! Now, pcsos rule. Supplanting Special Constables, who at least had same powers and authority as full-time coppers.
In military, it's far cheaper to employ civilians, or to contract out. Stores here ar all run by civilians, as are most jobs. Maybe not a bad thing, getting accountants to run budget, for instance, but where will it stop?
It happened with the NHS, a manager is a manager regardless of their background; it was partially responsible for cleaning contracts that went to the lowest bidder, not the one that could do the job; directorate managers who did not understand what it was their departments actually did; theatre managers who though that an implant was an implant, why do we need to buy in 10 diffrent types when we can negociate a contract for one type cheaper, etc etc.

Don't forget, there is always a company who wants to bid for the government contracts, as they are lucrative, a certain source of cash, and usually so badly written from the buyers point of view that either lucrative "ad-ons" have to be put in after teh contract is signed, or are so poorly monitored that the providing company will get away with providing even less than the minimum they have been contracted for. (Maybe it was working in a PFI hospital that left me so cynical)
It has indeed happened in the Fire Service, mostly since the strike in 2004. Any post that does not need firefighting experience (e.g. the higer ranks) is being given to civilians, these were originally called none uniformed appointments, but now many wear exactly the same uniform and rank markings. An example is in Strathcylde FB, the Deputy Chief Officer is a female civilian who used to work in their accounts department. On Merseyside they have cilvilian managers responsible for groups of stations, they do not attend fires but "manage" the station and personnel. Coming to a barracks near you soon.
fire safety is already civilianised (a few weeks training is as good as 10 years training and experience - we are told by cuckoos above us who co-incidently have no experience themselves)
Amy-Mouchele who now lease all the motorways and who have to pay he government a 'fine' if the motorway is closed, want to take over dealing with accidents on motorways because they reconthey can deal with them quicker and get the road open sooner, eg rip the casualty out of the vehicle regarless of if such handling will worsen injury then drag vehicles of the motorway and get it open eg no accident investigation. Net result far reduced casualty care and people causing accidents will get away with it BUT a french company will make more money - so thats all right then !
Market Forces the battle cry of Maggie and the salvation of Bliars and GorGons no proper revitalization policy government.

yes tax money be it nation or local should be effectively spent but as along as profit not efficacy is the benchmark then we have been and will continue to make the very rich leaders of industry and private contractors rich and everyone else poorer, both monetary and in delivery.

trouble is that good public services cost money and you get what you pay for 'or not as it would seem' with the contractorisation.

we clamour for booth tax cuts and better public services we can not have both and we all know it also we just brush that truism under the carpet!
Can I remind you that this is the Naafi and that we should be talking about bottoms and what fits in them plus how much we hate everyone else and occasionally having a right good swear

fckuin cnuts
qman said:
Can I remind you that this is the Naafi and that we should be talking about bottoms and what fits in them plus how much we hate everyone else and occasionally having a right good swear

fckuin cnuts
Rgr D fcuking liabour cnuts fcuking contractoristion cuntting One Eye.....arrse feck shite cnuts
halo_jones said:
Rgr D fcuking liabour cnuts fcuking contractoristion cuntting One Eye.....arrse feck shite cnuts
Who could argue with that?

(With acknowledgements to Blazing Saddles.)
It IS happening....

I was offered a job a couple of months ago working as a consultant in the Maritime Warfare Centre in Pompey (used to be at HMS Dryad). The job spec was all flounced up and in civpop speak, the bottom line was that it was a DS job on a pretty high-level course that was a RM selection cse you had to do well on (as a student) to get past Lt Col!!!

I wasn't allowed to do it as an Acting Lt Col as it didn't fit my "profile" (ie it was a promotion job and I wasn't senior/good enough!) but as a civvy (and with double the salary on offer!!!) I was ideal!

How is that good for the service?

Incidentally, I definately wasn't good enough, and still am not!
I (Mil) Will be replaced by a civvi at tours end. I work for a organisation that until recently, employed 4 x JNCO MHE Operators. Last year, our political masters, directed us to cut the 4 x Jnco posts, and advertise for civpop replacements. At the time each JNCO was being paid 30kish. We were told to advertise replacements for 17.5k PA. Surprisingly we havent had a single enquiry, (why should we when a civvy MHE Operator living in this part of the world, can command a wage of in excess of 30k) or so I am reliably informed.

The solution (from our political masters)....... "YOU MAY HAVE TO RECRUIT AGENCY STAFF" at a cost of........(you can see it comming, cant you)
45k per year.
But do I care.....OF COURSE I FECKIN DO........ BUT THEN AGAIN NAHHH... Cos very shortly I, like millions of other old Soldiers, will very slowly ,fade away too..

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