It could only happen in the MOD


I was intrigued to see that Abbey Wood now employ ex servicemen as consultants to assist civil servants with a feel for life in the field. This was one role once filled by ROs and much more cheaply than consultants. The cost of political correctness.


The problem is that the Services send serving officers and soldiers to the MOD in all its guises to provide advice to Civil Servants who then get upset when told the truth.  If 'consultants' are employed then the Civil Servants are more likely to get the answer they want rather than the true picture.

I wonder if any consultants were employed regarding SA80.  They sure were for the reorg of the equipment area and that is now utter b***ocks. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
It's pathetic bureaucratic b******s like this that prevent the Armed forces concentrating on its core business and draw funding away from more important matters like sorting our rifles and radios out.

Once more I'm amazed and saddened.  :mad:
Don't exclusively blame civil servants or politicians - this Army of ours would be sh*t-loads more efficient if the senior uniformed types in the MoD were:

a.   in post long enough to be held to account when a crap decision comes home to roost [if you like I'll use Defence Cost Study 15 as an example - that's the one that put all the QAs and RAMC doctors at the disposal of the NHS, which they had  - presumably - joined the Army to avoid - so now as we stand ready for Gulf II, and we don't got no Fd Ambulances!!]

b.   Educated to understand that you can't run an entire Armed Service as though it were a Rifle Company.
Ask the lily livered two faced politicians to give clear direction as to policy, cost it and then present them with a capability that is funded and coherent - none of this EC cant stating 80% capability now is better than 100% later, and none of this Mission Creep rubbish.  We also need to put a halt to top level inter service winky waving and settle down to provide a joined up organisation.  (Chance of this happening about same as me winning lottery, being issued proper weapon, and satisfying my wife three times a night!)


War Hero
I now worry for the future as far as mass conflict is concerned!  Not only are we trailing the US (as is everyone else) in terms of conflict power, but also the belligerents out there are armed with kit that is arguably better than ours.

Anything more than the usual policing role (FRY, NI etc), or maybe a single Bde in non asymmetric mode would be disastrous against an enemy that is as well equipped, if not better!


How about this for wasted money etc.!

Soldier finishes career, plans own bussiness outside.
Bussiness fails to happen-joins civil service doing old job next to new mil. appointee.
Continually meddles in mil. mans responsilibilities and tries to take over job, fails, tries to civilianise job, fails.
Dosn't get own way over niggling little detail,threatens to leave for "job offer" at three times wages, company car and less duff work - decides to stay from loyalty after getting own way!
Finally tries to upgrade job to higher wage band (even though CS person already doubles wages in carefully orchastrated overtime jobs) even though they are not at the correct grade, post upgraded - will lose job if fully qualified guy says "yes" to the offer!
CS person shaking in boots!

Situation ongoing. wait for belly laughs after job interviews!
sounds like glass eye is talking about retired officers.  Nearly as useless as the SA 80.

If the SA 80 is as good as they say, why don't our special forces use it.

About time some fat cat admitted they got it wrong with the SA 80 and the army gets a proper rifle that is likely to perform when it's needed.  

The weapon designers don't get into life and death situations when only your SA 80 will save you.  goodbye world......


ah but its a world beater now (Not)
moderators won't let me continue to gob off about the piece of shit in the infantry forum :twisted:
Special forces don't use it as there role is diffrent :lol: i.e. there expected to go shoot people
Mmmmm, Abbey hats, fountains, no parade square, no orderly officer, "peer groups", "bonding" sessions, living out in flats.....mmmmm! No wonder we hate them!

There's that, and the fact that the military seems to have adopted all of the worst aspects of commerical culture. For example, I have "customers", but they don't actually pay me any money. We have targets, but they are meaningless. We all have our own budgets and fight each other - "give me your UIN and I'll help you" - and give ourselves meaningless business-sounding titles. Oh, and corporate comms...don't get me started on that! Our main job is now to provide an image of a nice, shiny, PC, efficient organisation that exists to jump through hoops for Mr Tony and to thank our glorious leaders for the great equipment we have, great new pension deal we have etc....

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