It could only be Les Froergs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. According to Euronews, some French minister today publicly stated that if the national anthem was booed at any match in France at which the national team was playing, the game would immediately be cancelled.

    This because last week at a friendly(???) match between France and Tunisia the Marsaillaise was roundly booed.

    Anyone fancy a few weekends disrupting the fcuk out of Frog international footie????
  2. Nothing new there, there was booing at the Morocco game and a full scale pitch invasion at the Algeria one which resulted in the game being abandoned. That was better entertainment than the football.
  3. Sarkozy outraged by anti-French jeering during national anthem

    From France 24 website

    Le gouvernement is overreacting imho. How are you going to clear a stadium of disgruntled punters who have paid good money for a game then get chucked out before kick off? It was an absolute free for all when the Algeria game was abandoned, my son was terrified and we had to jump down from a wall to get out the stadium. This is just asking for even more trouble.
  4. To be fair the lack or respect shown during the anthems at any international is starting to grip my sh*t. Lets do our talking on the pitch or in the bars/clubs/streets afterwards.

    That said, they're only French so fcuk em.
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I agree. People not showing appropriate respect for national athems annoys me too - especially when its their own :x
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    They were probably just pished off that most of the French National team consisted of players descended from their country or other African Colonial Territories (just like their World Cup and Euro Cup winning teams).

    But to be fair, at least their Gobment actually have a sense of Cultural identity and give a shoite. Unlike our spineless Parliamentarian hijackers.
  7. Have to agree that I don't think much of people who boo at national anthems either ( hence title of post!). I can - just - remember people standing for "The Queen" before leaving the cinema. Where did we start going wrong???? Just on footie stuff off the telly. Today I nearly laughed my dick off when I saw on CNN that Slovakia had beaten Poland 2 - 0 in a World Cup qualifier. The pointyheads take footie veeeeery seriously, and to be honest, they are pretty good at it - Polish league matches are usually quite watchable. The Slovaks, on the other hand....1st div Slovak teams play like under-12s in Sussex. Kind of double the pointyheads (pop. 38 million) think they are vastly superior to their "poor" neighbour Slovakia ( pop. 5 million).
  8. Surely you cannot mean Gordon and his crowd lack a national pride? did not Cyclops demand all state buildings should fly the Union flag as often as possible and twice on Sundays, in case anyone had forgotten what it looked like?
  9. Have to agree - a bit of decorum FFS.

    You might not like the country you're playing, let them sing theirs and then out-sing them!!!

    Likewise, the duffers that can't keep quiet during a silent tribute before kick-off at football.

    Sorry Scrofula, not old enough to remember that in the cinema.

    I do remember the National Anthem being played when TV was shutting down for the night.
  10. TV shut down for the night? As in it wasn't on 24hrs!? That's just weird!!!!! you must be ancient! :wink:
  11. Aaaah, The cinemas I was talkin about even had funny - looking girlies in uniform who showed you to your seat with a torch ( big Every-Ready batteries inside), to say nothing of half-time icecream sellers with a shelf-full of munchies strapped round their neck down by the "stage". God, yes, I can safely say that I'm talking about the last Century here......but I'm not that ancient, I'm remembering Dunfermline circa, '70, '71' 72.
  12. And not forgetting the saturday morning childrens cinema.

    before the tv was in everbodies home.

    was that late 50's or early 60's???
  13. PS.

    Fcik the frogs.

    may be we could do a swop?

    all white brits to france and all non white french wogs to the uk.

    Could be a good idea?
  14. You've got the base of a plan there, how about

    All non white Brits to France and then seal up the tunnel and sink the Ferries!
  15. I totally concur with the posters who don't like jeering or mocking any national anthem, their own or the anthems of others.
    I go to all the Harvard hockey games and when they play Cornell Univ., which wears red uniforms and whose team nickname is Big Red, the Cornell fans, during the verse of the US anthem that included the phrase "rockets red glare" shriek RED at the top of their lungs. Not to be outdone, the Clarkson Univ fans (team nickname "the Knights") shout out "Knight" during the "gave proof through the night" verse. I think it is very poor taste, especially when men and women the same age as the students are getting shot at in sandy places. It really pished me off during Gulf War One when the wife was in a sandy place.

    That being said, the French seem to have issued a challenge to opponents fans that is likely to be taken up. If the French team walks off is that a forfeit?