it could be cancer, but that not the problem

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by predatorplus, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. well im joining the army in a year or so after getting the results from my maths and english resits (i have to do them 1st).

    iv got a mole on my face, its always been there and iv never had a problem with it before it protrudes out of my face and always has done.

    last two days its got bigger and sensitive, yesterday it was bleed alittle (very little) so booked a look see with the doctor, and if it is the 0.01% chance that it is cancer then its a simple op to remove the mole, a few check ups after that and then job done.

    if it happens to be cancer will it stop me from joining the army? im more worried about this than it being bloody cancer :twisted:
  2. See a doctor and get the thing chopped out pronto.
  3. just get it cut off it takes 5 min and will not stop you joining up

    if it is cancerous there may be a delay but as long as you get the all clear you will be fine
  4. Get the bloody thing taken off and byopsied as soon as possible
  5. Yup just get the bugger taken off and checked. A mates daughter got one taken off her foot. She was in, quick anaesthetic jab, mole chopped off, stitched up, job done. :wink:
  6. Funny I was just talking to an Army doc today and he said the mole I had removed my back (bloody nasty melig melon) probably WOULD prevent me from applying for a commision. Which kinda of stoved my heart in on the spot. I hope this isnt the case for both of us mate.

    p.s. from the research I did (I'm a Biology postgrad geek) when I had mymole, reading your post I would say get that thing removed right f**king now. Sorry to be dramatic, but look up the A to D checklist for moles with Google. Growing and bleeding are signs of nasty shit inside. Your doc will have you in within the day.

    All the very best
  7. Good God man has nobody thought about the rights of the mole???
  8. Like the RIGHTS of the common ANGLO-SAXON HETRO MALE , WHO CARES!!!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  9. There will be a problem if that mole is on a long chord to your tezzies and they could be cancerous..... not a problem they wil just amputate from the knees up and shove a beret on one stump and a helmet on the other.

    On a serious note, save the mole and post it on here, lets have a 'biggest cancerous mole' thread?
  10. Get the mole seen to ASAP. Don't mess around with this.
    But don't panic because even if it is cancerous it will be at such an early stage that it can be dealt with easily.

    However, if you are somehow predisposed to skin cancer think long and hard about joining the army. There is a current enthusiasm for deploying people to the sunnier parts of the globe....
    It is also possible that you will find yourself on exercise in places like Kenya, Oman, Belize etc.

    This might not be the best option for you healthwise.

    Have you considered applying to join the Royal Navy as a submariner?
  11. Great idea, spending a career kipping 30ft from a nuclear reactor is an ideal way of preventing you from getting cancer. :D
  12. just got back from the doctor, but sods law is that the mole is back to normal size, doctor looked at it, then said 'it looks as if you have juse nipped it, i wouldn't worry at this time, and i dont feel that removing will be of any help'

    OK after 2 years of not going to the doctor, (as he was shite last time) i am starting to think that he wants to cut his *customer* list by letting them die off (i never see old people in here). my mrs isnt happy with that and as she works in the hosptial, is getting me a propper doctor and im going to have it off just for fun, told i will get a scar, maybe i can say i got it when i blew the embassy window out.

    cheers for the advise

    p.s. when i get it off ill post it to you, if i keep it on ice it will be blae to be put on your body (you can chose where) and you can let it grow?
  13. Surely if you have like cancer you can't get in, what's the risk that you'll get it again? You know what they're like.. :eek: Hope it's all good now lol, I thought I had testicular cancer, "mum" ;)

    *Cough please*