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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by onyx, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. Hi,
    Im currently 17 years old (18 in september) and i am very keen in IT and Communication, i have been programming since the age of 13 in Visual Basic and C++. Im also very keen in networking and security. Iv decided to join the army but im not sure which role to take... id like a role which involves programming and C++ or either one of them. Also a role which gave me quite a bit of qualifications would be great as well!

    GCSE Results
    Maths - C
    English - C
    Science - CC
    Business Studies - B
    IT - B

    AS Level Predicted Grades
    Accounting - B
    Applied Business - AA
    Computing - A

    And also whats the wage like for someone in IT/Comms? Can they get promoted and work their way up the ladder?

    How hard is the BARB test? Would i need to revise for it?

    Thank you all in advance!
  2. Join the RSigs as an IS Engineer


    continue with A levels and get a degree. My employer won't take on anyone without a degree (except for support staff c£15K per annum but they'll need relevant college qualification)
  3. If you are really into programming then maybe the army wouldn't be the sensible move, what about a defence company?

    But echo what Polar says above, get a relevent degree, preferably a sandwich one with some work exerience and then see how you stand!

    The Barb shouldn't be a problem looking at your grades etc.

  4. "RSigs as an IS Engineer"

    Whats the RSigs and an IS Engineer?
  5. Royal Signals and you can find the second one out yourself, it will enable you to learn more about the army on your "journey"!
  6. I dont think UNI is for me thats the thing... i dont think i can sit through lectures and listen listen listen. Im more of a practicle person, would love to get some practicle experiance in networking! Im not looking for a career in the army just experiance in networking and gaining qualifications! After the minimum 4 years im planning to leave!
  7. The degree I did was not just lectures, but a balance of lectures and practicals in advanced programming, network systems, command and control systems, artificial intelligence etc etc. Engineering degrees are not all lectures and can be very interesting as long as you like your subject (which you seem to by the sound of it!)

    Its worth (about an extra 10k) going for your degree!

    I would also suggest that "just going in for some training" is not the best approach to take to the army! Little things like conflicts can get in the way of career paths! The army isn't a free ride (anymore? it may have been a few years ago!)
  8. thanks but what if UNI is out of question... the RSIGS require degrees dont they?
  9. If you did not want the Army as your path then you could try QinetiQ. They are one of the world's leading defence technology and security companies.

    Im sure the MOD have a stake in them?
  10. Probably a good idea, I should have gained some work experience prior to going to uni. I'm pretty certain I would have enjoyed it more going back as a mature student (and got better grades).

    IS Eng is more on the networking side of things, programming is normally done by civilian firms
  11. The army is probably the wrong career choice for you.

    I would highly recommend you going to uni, I did a degree in computer network management and the course was 50% practical and 50% theory.
    If you want to work with computers then you will need qualification, either a degree or industry – they will all require you to study the theory side of your chosen course.
  12. Goku due to personal reasons i need to retake my AS Levels and then do A Levels which means 2 more years... i dont think i can handle it!
  13. No, but you can get HNC? or a degree via a number of trades within Sigs, such as Technician, which gives you hnd/hnc (someone correct me) at class 1 level (you'd do this course in ur mid to late 20's), following on from that you can do a supervisor course (Foreman of Signals) which gives you a degree.

    IS Eng may do something similar in the future (or merge with the tech trade).

    Get a taster and them decide
  14. Yes the MoD have a stake in them, as they do in BAE Systems and there is also GD(UK), all of which are worth looking at!
  15. Onyx life as a uni student is not just about getting a degree.

    Have you considered taking a gap year?
    You could go travelling and see the world, or you could join the army for 4 years and then go to uni.

    If you want to work in IT and do well then you need qualifications.
    You will need to read books, attend lectures, and take practical lessons.
    There’s no getting around it.