IT Catch-22 - In need of some help

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Having an effing mare.

Tried to use a web site that said I need Adobe Shockwave 10.1 to use it properly and then it fell over. No worries thought I, have it downloaded in a jiffy. That was three days ago!!!!!!

Every time I try to go and download it I always end up at the same place, the official Adobe site and the Shockwave page. However as soon as I try and install/download it I'm suddenly taken to a page and Internet Explorer has a wobbler and falls over. Why because the page I'm trying to look at needs Shockwave 10.1 installed. Apparently shouting at the computer "That's what I'm trying to do you fcukwit!" does nothing. :x
What kind of clueless idiot invents a download site that takes you to a place that won't work unless you already have what you're trying to download 8O . If I was a cartoon there'd be steam coming out my ears by now.

Has anyone got any ideas (should I add the word sensible?) on how I get around this?
Well for a start get with the programe and move over to Fire Fox the other PM me your email and I'll forward the file on.
Well, one suggestion is to dump Internet Explorer and get a decent browser like Firefox. It's free and most people seem to agree it leaves IE standing.

Best wishes

Cheers guys!

Done and done!

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