It burns the burning ring of fire!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by one_winged_angel, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Inspired by the curry I had last night.
    Anyone else have any good stories about curry?
    Mine goe's a bit like this.Last night I had possibly the hottest thing I've ever eaten it was called a phal (think thats how its spelt).Its been the only thing I've ever eaten that burned more on the way out than on the way in.
  2. H'm. I think that's one of those things that only exist in the UK, and which the curry men prepare with baffled smiles for your amusement.

    I came in off ex and went out for a curry - fell asleep, face first into the Madras. Now that was hot....
  3. I take two precautions after a good curry or mexican chilli meal

    1. Lots of salt on the curry helps, the gurkas taught me that.

    2. If I know it will be a bad one then a good dollop of vaseline up the ringpiece does wonders.

    probably too much information but hey..... :roll:
  4. Better than going into a korma.

    Hat, coat, goodnight.
  5. I tried a phal once, from the Greek in Bordon, hated every last mouthful, and I like a curry! Burning/numb lips, very rough the next day. Not fun at all to eat! Pointless in my opinion. I like a hot curry, but there has to be flavour somehwere.

    My arse was red raw for a few days.
  6. Prior to having a curry, I always prepare by putting a bog roll in the fridge before I go out, and topping up the water in the toilet, as my arrse always goes down for a drink!!!
  7. Curry? No thanks!

    Not on a night out in your average curry house anyway.

    It'll be late at night - bad time to eat a large meal - bad time to eat full stop.

    Then what do you do - you drink gallons of liquid before, during and after -bad thing to do - very bad - all you're doing is diluting your digestive acids - food is slopping about in all that beer and making your body work harder at a time when it doesn't want to be doing it, thank you very much.

    Breakfast like a King - lunch like a Prince - dinner like a pauper.

    That does not fit in with the average lifestyle though - tough - suffer!
  8. We cant even begin to discuss hot curry without a reverential nod to Cpl. "Yantz" Harrison, late of the 17/21 Lancers.
    Yantz had a simple measure by which he judged all lesser mortals, the ability to eat a plate of his homemade Saturday night special, or be forever judged as a big wet susan.
    Its been twenty years since I took the challenge. I still have no sense of taste or smell, hair will not grow up my nose, and my arse has been cauterised and rendered immune to piles.

    Cheers Yantz.
  9. Well, you did miss out the one in between, the vindaloo. The idea is to work up the heat ladder to acclimatise, not just dive into the hottest curry available. My thoughts are with you thought, those phaals are nasty bastrds. Oh, and always have a raita available when eating the hot ones, takes some of the stinging away from the mouth.
  10. We had a pay clerk who was mad keen on curry. So much so that he actually burned the lining of his stomach and intestines and had to stay off them for nearly a year.

    We also had a guy who fell off assualt course wall, got SLR barrel up his jacksie and ripped his ring piece and intestines up. First thing we did we he got back to us was take him for a curry. As he still had a bag on the side, the curry burbled through almost immediately and he got a boil-in-the-bag ready meal!

    My how we laughed!
  11. I can't eat curries as I've got a dodgy tikka

    taxi!!!! :oops:
  12. I used to take my troop out for the "pahl challenge", 18 phals, 18 chappatis and that was it! One of the funniest sights known to man, teras puke, and sweat, brilliant!
  13. Had that phal before. Was sh*tting molten goo all morning the next day.
  14. Went to a curry house with 5 mates after an afternoon on the pop. 1st lad orders a normal chicken curry and then went for a lash. We swiftly changed his order to a chicken phal. Waiter was loving it. Food turns up and we set about eating ours as matey boy starts sweating for england with his 'hot as molten lava' phal. After about 5 minutes of "Hows your curry? Its nice......" we told him the truth and had a good old laugh. Eventually the bill arrives and we spoofed for who was going to pay the whole bill. Yep, phal boy lost and had the pleasure of paying for not only his ringstinger, but also all our scran and beers. Nice one!!!
  15. I found drinking milk after a hot curry helps. This appears to reduce the effects of chillies. I usually have a pint of milk after a good night out with the guys.

    Apart from that wet wipes kept in the fridge help if its a full after burn!