It appears the teenager had also forgot to tell his parents

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JP47, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. It appears the teenager had also forgot to tell his parents he would be going to war.

    LIVERPOOL teenager was today hailed a hero for shooting a Taliban fighter – moments after a bullet blasted a hole in his own shoulder.
    Private Anthony Myers was hit by a high velocity bullet, which missed his heart by six inches, as he battled Afghan forces on the front line.
    As he lay bleeding in a tent the 19-year-old from Speke spotted two approaching armed Talibans.
    Despite his injuries he sprang up and shot one of them – saving his life and that of his colleague.
    Anthony was today dubbed an inspiration by army bosses impressed by his amazing act of bravery.
    A member of the TA it was the first time Anthony had been on the front line.It appears the teenager had also forgot to tell his parents he would be going to war.As dad Anthony and mum Susan watched footage of their son receiving emergency treatment they admitted feeling “physically sick”.
    Dad Anthony told the ECHO: “We just thought he wouldn’t be up to much, driving a vehicle or on guard duty at a secure base.
    “We never thought he’d be on the front line. When he rang us after his operation we were just in shock.”
    Anthony went out to Helmand Province this summer after finishing his A-Levels at Sts Peter and Paul Catholic High School, in Widnes.
    About a week ago he was caught up in a fierce fire fight with insurgents with his 4 Mercian TA troupe.
    During the shoot-out the teenager was hit straight through the muscle narrowly missing the biracial artery.
    He was being temporarily treated at the scene when he noticed the two Talibans. Despite being in terrible pain he grabbed his gun and shot one of them. Anthony was transferred to a medical centre where he needed emergency surgery to his shoulder.
    The 40-minute operation was a complete success. He suffered no nerve damage and is expected to make a full recovery.
    Anthony remains in a Camp Bastion hospital. But the teenager wants to go back to the front line before he returns home to Speke in August.
    He is hoping to go to university to study maths or IT.
    Dad Anthony added: “He has to go back at the start of September to finish his tour. We don’t want him to.
    “But we are very proud of him. He’s usually a quiet and reserved lad at home. Watching him being treated for his injury was very difficult.
    “We’ve spoken to him and he seems in fine fettle, and a little bit bored. We know he was very, very lucky. There’s a lot of fellas who have been shot and not come back.
    Mum Susan and younger sisters Rachel, 17, and Emma, 16, are anxiously waiting to see the teenager when he comes home on August 18.
  2. "two approaching armed Talibans"

    where did you find this article?
  3. Liverpool Echo
  4. I didn't know that 4 Mercian was providing CSE units to theatre, but numbers must be stretched if they are being sent out on patrol
  5. He is in a TA troupe?

    Was he there to do the entertainment?
  6. Good lad!
  7. I thought the term only applied to the Artists Rifles?

    Cat, toat and haxi.
  8. If he was in a 'tent' and spotted two armed taliban approaching him where was everyone else?
    If its gen then well done fella!
  9. This seems a bit of a strange story, but fair play to the lad indeed.

    Although I'd love to know where the "biracial artery" is. :D

  10. msr

    msr LE

    It's the M6 which separate the Mancs from the Scousers ;)
  11. :judge:
  12. Great tale, but apparently written by a 10 year-old.

    Oh, just noticed it's for Scouse consumption. :lol:

    Hope someone else picks it up and does it justice.
  13. nice one lad :worship: ........shame the papers always get it wrong TA soldiers in Afgan :roll: i though everyone who serves there was mobilised into regular service , so a regular soldier for the period of there service or has it changed