IT and Comms based careers in the Army. What are they!?

Hi guys,
i have Passed my ADSC with a high B grade and know in the waiting list to join up. My first choice job was in the RSigs as a CSO (comms sis operator) with my second choice also in the Rsigs as driver lineman. recently i have been told that for many reasons the Royal signals and Royal Logistics Core have been "frozen" and wont be taking a massive influx of new recruits. given this i have been asked weather i would want to look into another job role to get away to my P1 quicker. any suggestions of IT based roles or Comms roles other than the royal signals and RLC that can be suggested or any other jobs that would be similar to those already stated. any help/advice would be great. cheers
Sigs intakes are frozen? Damnit!

Gonna be waiting around for a while then. Sigh.

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