It’s nice to be rich enough to not need aid.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jan 3, 2018.

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  1. What a heartwarming thought.
  2. I have a mate whose mother is from FYR
    She nips back home on visits and occasionally gets things done like a bit for dental work which is cheaper over there
    More likely than not she returns with a family member invariably older who has the summer as guest of the NHS.
    I assume the cost of a low budget airline ticket back and forth is far cheaper than the medical care
  3. It can be see that the Government is aware of public anger at the scale of foreign aid, and where it is being spent, by todays comment of the new minister in charge.
    Poorer countries must 'put their hands in their pockets': UK warns of cuts to aid

    The minute she did however she came under immediate criticism.
    Minister criticised for promising to spend UK foreign aid in 'the national interest' rather than focusing on the world's poorest people

    There are those who would have the UK 'eradicate poverty' by handouts. The money would of course have to come from the rich.

    There are certain people who just love spending other people money, hate the rich and would like nothing better than 'taxing them until the pips squeak’, and, throwing open the gates of this country open and allowing the third world in, to' rub the noses of the ‘............s’ in this country in diversity’.

    Which is exactly what they did, and in part why the social services in this country are so overloaded... and, why people are wondering why we spend so much abroad when we have creaking services here.
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