It’s nice to be rich enough to not need aid.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jan 3, 2018.

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  1. I would say sorry about that, but he was ginger, so I wont!
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  2. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Nailed it......why , for instance, did UK gift VIETNAM £51.5M in 2012?

    UK paid more than £27m in aid to China last year

    Ministers have repeatedly insisted that aid money was no longer sent to China but the Department for International Development (Dfid) figures show the country received £27.4 million last year.

    It was one of 16 states whose aid programme was supposedly axed following a review by Andrew Mitchell, then International Development Secretary, in 2011.

    But Dfid figures reveal that 15 of the countries still received a total of £131.9million British aid last year.

    Vietnam was given £51.5million, Cambodia £14.5million, Indonesia £11.3million and Kosovo £10.2million while smaller payments went to several other nations.

    - Former British Colony retaining close ties with the Commonwealth ?
    [ Nope- that would be Malaysia ]
    - Country we devastated for ten years via superior air power ?
    [ Nope - That would be down to Uncle Sam ]
    - One party Communist state where dissent is illegal ?
    [ Yup Similar to our other great swiftly on.*..]
    - Major trading partner ( which is the excuse often trotted out for e.g China etc)
    [ Nope - that would be Australia ]

    1960's educated Yuppy guilt complex is alive and well and THRIVING in DFID.

    read all about it...

    Operational Plan 2011-2016 DFID Vietnam Updated October 2014

    * from DFID's Report:
    Civil and political rights: In 2013, Freedom House rated Vietnam's status as ‘not free’ on civil rights and political rights showing to no improvement since 2012.

    The 11th Party Congress in January 2011 reaffirmed the Communist Party’s pre-eminent role; the National Assembly elections in May 2011 saw only 4 independent candidates become Deputies in the 500-seat parliament.

    Freedom of the press
    Vietnam has remained one of Asia’s hardest environments for the press in 2012, scored 84 out of 100 (the worst) by Freedom House. The internet is considered “not free” (Freedom House 2013). Violations occur across the criminal justice system of particular concern (Freedom House 2012).
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  3. There is a delicious irony about right wingers complaining about giving foreign aid to distant brown people arguing

    when back in the real world, the homeless numbers are rising, and new food banks are opening up every day?”

    I’m firmly of the believe that a lot of foreign aid is just bribery to grease big UK corps into situations where they can flog despots more weaponary

    How do you make a million quid? Give 90 million to NGOs
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  4. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    Once again it's Governments that fight, not the people. I was in Pakistan in April last year and found them to be quite pro British. It was the Queen's birthday while I was there and 'Happy Birthday your Majesty' was the headlines of the national newspapers. I was in Karachi and Lahore and traveled from one to the other, people, quite strangers welcomed me, most wanted to talk about cricket!

    I am sure things are quite different out in the cuds, but in the cities, for example the 'British clubs and Gymkhanas' continue and flourish just as the British army left them in 1947, the locals are very proud if they are members. The tendency for dress among the younger women was tight jeans and a blouse with head uncovered, it seems all the Burka types are over here!
    The one big complaint among the business folk was that all their taxes went on defense at 55% of GNP, or so I was told whilst there.
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  5. For God's sake man stop being sensible it'll get us nowhere..........we must keep doling out the Colonial collective guilt money it's the decent thing............
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  6. That'd work better as "How do you make 10 million quid? Feed 90 million to NGO's"
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  7. They are neighbours of India. And have to be seen to be "Keeping up with the Joneses", or else!

    India and Pakistan have history. India, basically, has the long term choice of, dominate, or, destroy, Pakistan, as a survivable state. Both choices have significant repercussions.
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  8. Don't forget North Korea

    Perhaps we could sponsor their rockets?

    UK 'gave millions in foreign aid' to North Korean regime ...
  9. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    The ex-wife is/was in nuclear medicine. She once had someone turn up in her department and rant about not being seen. She stood there and in a loud, firm voice pointed out that he had failed to turn up for three previous appointments, each costing £MANY. It all went very quiet as everyone in the waiting room looked at him. He f**ked off sharpish.

    No-shows are a huge drain.
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  10. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    You are right of course. The two countries almost detest each other, this comes across time and time again. I travel both countries and hear it and see it. When leaving Pakistan last year, I was at the airport and a policeman asked me "Why are you going to India" I replied "I hear they play excellent cricket down there" He looked aghast and said. "NO! NO! the finest cricket is played here in Pakistan!"
    Both countries make quite a war even out of their annual cricket match.
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  11. 55% of Pakistan's GDP spent on defense? In the absence of any real existential threat? That kind of backs up what an Indian fella was telling me recently, that while India is making good headway in rolling out infrastructure and services to more and more of their citizens, Pakistan simply doesn't. They're all about military posturing. So I'm sure any wodges of cash Pakistan can extract in the form of foreign aid would go toward just keeping the lights on.
  12. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    I was quite wrong the Pakistan defense budget is £9 billion (5.5% of GDP) but increased by one billion recently. It is nothing compared to the US budget of £601 billion, but it is money the Pakistanis can't afford, it may not be quite all to do with posturing to India, it is much to do with their own Pakistan pride, even their daily Border Guard change is one big amusing posture of strutting. The UK annual defense budget is circa £45.5 billion and, welfare payments are £258 billion, quite easy to see why defense spending here is sliding downwards.
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  13. Hush my mouth, but it is much more than the same in the good ol' US of A. Rising medical bills, poverty, homelessness, lower age of death, free charity medical clinics pop up around and about...........yet they give fortunes away overseas rather than fixing the problems at home.

    It is all based on the ability to pay - which is truly sad because education is money driven too and I have met some very bright people who can not dig themselves out of low income because they cannot even pay for a simple course at college. It costs much more to do a BSc equivalent course in the US than it does in the UK - Miss Effendi stuck one course under the parental noses where the uni wanted $240,000 just for the academic costs with accomodation and living cost to be added to that.
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  14. Look at the Heat Trump has gotten for this policy? The mainstream media along with every tin pot nation left wing luvvie's are up in arms over him even talking about it. The reason it wont happen wholesale is a lack of balls/intestinal fortitude when it comes to the U.N and these regimes.
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