It’s finally gone too far


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Mmmm. Mice and elephants. Would the resultant mutant take a trunk on holiday?

I know, coat, taxi etc.
M and E? Oh, I thought you said M & V. Delicious in heated tins but not so nice cold.
I don't know about holiday luggage, but the holes in the skirting boards might be a bit of a problem!
Why do elephants paint there hoof yellow...

Na apart from Corps wallers, the only others were some bunch of welsh ex-sheep shag**s.
I thought most were Brummies or Midland lads


" And 'S' is for Swazi... err.... and 'E' is for Eswatini..."
Are you saying if white women go topless and dance around it counts as cultural appropriation? Next you will be stopping non white people from Morris Dancing. You just cannot treat everyone the same because you might get called racist.

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You could re-open the “Army & Navy”...

...recall the ‘Horse’, the ‘Pony’ and the ‘Beast’...them’s were proper British scrubbers...*

* 3 particular ladies of ill repute** from the Medway Towns, for those of you unfortunate not to have been sappers :)

** according to the “do not admit” poster in the guardroom.
On the "admit but only grudgingly and ring the cook house in advance" scale in Herford was the German pan bash slapper Tina ( sounds like a Stars in their eyes intro except in boxhead ).

Very popular girl was Tina, and she was actually quite fit until she allegedly opened up and put more than a few blokes on antibiotics.

Not that such an occurrence made her the subject of some witty and light hearted banter in the cookhouse, no sireee...

Until she lost it and screamed " You Tankie *******, I am a clean girl and I have a Doctors certificate".

Probably ended up in the Nazi Goreng.


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A few on here might know my better half is a minor minion in the civil service and without going into too much detail attended a meeting today in which it was discussed about changing both the Zulu time classification and the phonetic alphabet Zulu to Zebra as Zulu has racial and colonial connotations. It was agreed to put this up for further consultation and effectively considered a good idea.

Personally I’m lost for words and tonight shall be visiting a prostitute .
If so can C for Charlie be changed to C for Chard



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In keeping with the thread and use/change of alphabet, in yesterday's Times a book was reviewed called A Place For Everything which was described as the curious history of alphabetical order.
One of the things was the preferred listing of students by their family's social stature in certain American universities. It seems nothing changes.

Hexi Bloke

The bits in block could confuse my fellow porridgewogs. "Amazulu," could only be said by one of a darker hue, unless he was identifying as an albino.

"Isizulu?" could be asked by someone not sure of a whitey asking, "Amazulu?"
Isizulu? Isn't that a make of pick up truck?;)

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