Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jockistani, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. It has occurred to me that with the rising number of ied's in Afghan and the resultant number of wounded and amputees rising in accordance, the injured squadie would benefit from a Universal Arm or Leg, that would fulfil all of their post injury life needs. A Swiss Army Arm - or Swiss ARMy if you will.

    This idea developed into the iStump - "got a hand for that" would be the quipp.

    Any suggestions for what "hands"/apps we could put on it would be greatly appreciated.

    I'll start with the humble drinks tray ... 1 hand free, 1 hand with a tray of drinks for the boys ... Genius.
  2. There's a very fine line between madness and genius. But don't worry - you're nowhere near it.
  3. True I am far from that line. May I congratulate you on being rather close to the fine line between boring and cnut.
  4. You would, of course, have a built-in Fleshlight?
  5. theres a good article here on the amputee website about 'Humping Stumps' and the use of the stump for sexual practices. I'm serching through the site now for more info..............its a tad interesting.

    hhhmmmmmm............... off at the ankle, or go for the whole knee thing??

    good thinking on the thread Jockistani................ I like your style.
  6. off just below the knee mignt not be too bad, think of all the garden impliments you could attach.........

    .................useful around the shed.

    edited for alcohol induced biff speeling
  7. iStump wanking app, works either attached or in "stand alone" mode.