Discussion in 'Travel' started by target_stop, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I will be spending a night in Istanbul in a few weeks on my own. I have heard mixed things about heading out at night from things of people being robbed and hassled to the police doing you over for nothing.

    Is it worth a cabby out or just sit in my hotel and wait for the bad men to go away. I will be there on a Tuesday night is there much going on then? I have been told to head to Taskim square, anyone got any gen on that area?
  2. A long time since i was there with the mob.

    The bazaars are good - obligatory carpet/ rug at teh bazaar by the blue mosque, looked at the possibly knocked off SA80s and ather weapons for sale.

    Topkapi are and Taskim square - yes, the top of town. Dodgy areas around Galatasary - but we had been there just after a kick off between Man U and Gala.

    Try a boat trip across teh Bosphorous to say you have been to Asia and back in an hour.

    The infamous cages - redlight area.

    Drinking a beer with your big mac.

    lots of copper and brass things - nice jewel boxes for the missus.

    If you can get a tour of the old roman amphitheatre ruins under the Blue mosque - its worth it.

    Enjoy it while you can as it's well overdue for a cracker of an earthquake.

  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    It is a fantastic city, I have never had any problems there.
    Just follow normal common sense, avoid dark and deserted streets, no shiny gold watch or bulging wallet (everyone takes credit card anyway), and don't wear a Man Utd shirt.....

    Tarlabasi, Dolapdere and Galata are the dodgy areas to avoid.
  4. City is well worth a visit and despite: earthquakes, maniacs, islam the religion of peace, plus Kurdish and other internal terrorists is much safer than Manchester.
  5. Oh for God sake, it's a huge tourist city with sights to rival Rome and I've been in far dodgier places in that city.
  6. They also have a nice class of prison if you get over excited.
    All very character forming.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    That prison is actually in Cyprus....
  8. My bad.
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    In fact it was Malta, which is pretty much the same as Cyprus but with less Greeks ..........
  10. Lived there for 3 years, leaving in 2007. Absolutely fantastic place with loads to see and do. For food, don't bother with the hotel restaurants (which are way overpriced) - try the local food in the many help-yourself places down Istiklal, the main pedestrian drag which stretches south west from Taksim Square. Whatever food is on offer will be in trays on display - you just point to what you want.

    Half way down Istiklal, if you turn right into Hamalbaşı Caddesi, you will find the British Consulate General, Pera House (not that you'll want to visit it). But along that little side road are 2 old wine bars - Pano's and Vikto Levy's. Both are worth having a couple of beers (Efes of course!) or more in, although the food, while good, is a bit more expensive. Enjoy!
  11. Loved it, especially taking the ferries crossing the harbour to Asia. Saw leeches in the market. The dolmus (shared taxis) are fun. They were American classics from the 50s when I visited. I took a ferry all the way up the Bosphorus sailing past some magnificent villas, then a local minibus to the Black Sea for an afternoon at the beach. Food was great. Even went to a match at Galatasaray. The Pera Palace Hotel was worth visiting, but I believe it has been renovated since. We did it on the cheap so ate locally in the back streets away from the main tourist areas, the locals couldn't have been friendlier.
  12. Okay, to throw my oar in - thinking of heading over to Ankara for a bit of a getaway if I can in the near future (to try and use up a spot of leave). Any hints/tips/aviods since we are in the general area...?
    Or would you recommend Istanbul instead?
  13. Following on from this thread, I am taking Madame Mnairb to Istanbul for her annual birthday thrash in early October and have fixed a hotel between Blue Mosque and Topkapi (walking distance, I'm assured). Anyone recommend eateries/restaurants around this area, also, are there any Bosphorus evening dinner trips anyone can recommend for the birthday evening (having done an excellent one in Budapest last year)?
  14. The old area of Ulus is definitely worth visiting - very picturesque old streets and a fascinating old tower built in Ottoman times but using old Roman and other ancient carved blocks. Take good walking shoes - it's a tad hilly. Couple of photos attached to give you a flavour of the place.

    PICT0893.jpg PICT0896.jpg PICT0901.jpg