Istanbul (not Constantinople)

After the runaway success of the advice given on decent London pubs (paralytic for a couple of days afterwards), I was wondering whether any Arrser had recent experience of the grand city of Istanbul. I've been there already but it was quietish (with ex Mrs B) and have seen most of the sights, but was wondering whether any more adventurous Arrsers had suggestions about the nightlife (pubs, clubs etc.) or indeed some lesser known sights (excluding whirling dervishes and hareem boys unless absolutely necessary).
I'm going there in May with a few (very) old school friends who have been married long enough to need a refresher course on generally unseemly behaviour so any tips welcome... Shokran in advance (although that's Arabic not Toorkish).
I've been many times and its a fantastic place. Problem is that you need to know your way around. While most of the goings on are in the Taxim area, its very much hidden and very few indications what is where. Any chance you know anyone anyone local on the ground? I know a girl, and I would put you in touch except she does not speak to me any more. Giving her my reference may also do more harm then good. Ah yes, 'sickdeer' means fcuk you in Turkish. I remember all the nights out with my buddies "Oh, I feel sick as as a deer", etc... :) fun times

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