Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that the wenches on this site constantly post "sex"?
Do you ladies have some kind of issues?? Not getting enough eh?
One of two reasons, they are all blokes

Or they a Pug ugly ;D ;D


I thought it was the guys who 'constantly post sex' ???

doh-nut - that's for us to know and you to wonder :p
I think the real issue is, which users are really men pretending to be a woman.   I'm beginning to have serious doubts about some of the ladies.  I know this sort of thing goes on, on the tinternet.  Lonely men pretending to be women, as this gets more attention.  Scary stuff !


Yes i think all wenches should post piccies to prove to the rest of us who's who.   ;D
Gunny dont throw stones in glass houses some of us know you are an ugly woman passing herself off as a bloke ;D
My ugliness have nothing to do with this issue MDN.  Neither has my humpback or claw hand (or even my small penis).  The real issue is...... is one communicating with a man or a woman?
Catnip, I have encountered a number of highly sexed women, but in my experience no matter how highly sexed a bird is, after a decent roaring and their back doors are left looking like a ripped out fireplace. They normally can't eat anything stronger than a Khorma for a couple of months let alone think about sex or put up slutty posts on the ARRSE.


The sad thing is that you guys have obviously never encountered a highly sexed woman.  
Catnip, That is not the question here, you may say your a highly sexed woman, but the probable reality is that your a fat 55 year old man in Wolverhampton, waiting for your day to finish so you can go home and shag your cat.  

I would be happy to be proven wrong, photographic evidence would do nicely.  
Lol @ ripped out fireplace....will use it later today...classic

Catnip, I truly hope you are a chick, please give evidence, Ie a piccy of your norks, a shot of your beetles bonnet, or arrange to meet a trusted male member of the site and give him a fluting, he can then report back
And of course that is a job for a Moderator, because we have been entrusted with the sactity and preservation of this hallowed site. You wouldn't want to be mauled by the plebian great-unwashed now would you?
I would like to volunteer my services to ARRSE and invite Catnip (or indeed any (so-called) lady) to my place in Manchester, so as to check out her/his story on one's sexuality.  Will ARRSE compensate me if it is indeed a man, and I'm wodgered in my own home ?
No but I will sell the piccies on the internet for a tidy sum. ;D
Edge very carefully towards the door, whilst pointing at the ceiling and say "What Cowboy did the artexing in here" , or "Any danger of a cup of tea?"


If said 20 stone builder is all muscle then the only SOP's i can suggest is prayer, lots of lube and the speedy onset of unconciousness !

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