Issues with remote access of IP camera

I have an IP Camera set up at home to keep an eye on the place. Used to work fine, now I no longer have access. This is a D-Link DCS-5230 Network camera with tilt and zoom, quite an expensive toy but I wanted to keep an eye on the place and have motion detection e-mail alarm, so it does make sense to me.

I have the "D-Link Cams" App on my apple devices and I simply used to enter my IP address at home, Port (80 or 8080, cant remember which) and the password and user set in the software that came with the camera. What has happened now is that the internal IP address of the camera appears to have changed from or something to something a bit different. Is there a port forwarding problem now because of this? How does the internal address translate to the external, e.g. why does it not find the camera with the external address even if the internal one has changed? If it is of any help, if I enter the current internal IP address while I am on my WLAN at home, it does show the picture, unfortunately that is not the case when on the mov or using the external IP address. When I enter my home IP Address in the browser now, I end up at my WiFi radio set up, does that mean the radio has taken the place of the camera in terms of port forwarding and the solution lies in changing the port forwarding to the new address on the router?

I would really appreciate the help, I feel like quite the techno mong here.

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