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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by CREATURE5334, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. Having a few issues with TA career path, as it is going nowhere, and would like some advice from those that are gen'd up.

    Joined the TA 3 years ago after being out of the regulars for 12 years, and was not put through phase 1, as I have now learned I should have.

    Still waiting on a trade course (after 3 years) and this is being blocked by my boss, who is successfully avoiding all comms (email, phone, and face to face).

    There is a course coming up, that I am keen on, and my trp bloke and psi are happy for me to attend, but they are passing the final desision on to the boss.

    Being that the boss has an issue with ex regs, and from what rumour suggests,control me, is there anyway round the said situation. Bearing in mind the course in question would mean I am qualified, and fit for mobilisation

    In the regs there was always the possibilty of being able to pull your feet in and state your case, does this exist with the TA?

    Any other constructive advice on the welcome.
  2. I had an issue with my unit constantly changing the dates of courses camps/career courses on me. Wound me right up as they couldn't/wouldn't understand that I couldn't keep on moving my holiday's from work. They were also especially good at shifting annual camp around the training calendar 3-4 times. Biffs.
  3. What reasons have you been given for not being able to attend this course?

    You may need to look into raising an AGAI.. it's not 67, it's another one
  4. If your OC is being a preverble pain in the arrse, try either the PSAO or 2IC, you could ask for an OC's innteview ask him what the reasons afe etc, (if he's man engough to admit them). Or ask for an interview wit hte CO. if all else fails, you can really drop the OC in shit and go for a career fail, this will not be good for him as it will be investigated by APC Glasgow.

  5. Without getting off topic, this is a typical TA statement!!! As a PSI we also have to listen to other people higher up.
    We have just moved our camp this year by a complete month! Why??? Because BRIGADE told us too. We dont just sit in the office saying
    "I know lets move camp to piss people off"
    You want to qualify for your bounty then put your self out!!! I highly doubt that it was the only camp for the year.
    I have three weeks left in Post Cant wait to get back to the Regular Army!
  6. I doubt you will be missed: HarrySmith95th - ARRSEpedia
  7. Let me give you an example I have a guy who one day rings me up and tells me he cant train for a year due to family problems and then rings me 24 hours later to ask for an Op Tosca tour!!!
    Or how about the guy who does all the Tosca training and then decides he doesnt want to go because"I dont think the tour will stretch my abilities"

    Whilst I agree with give and take, it really does rattle my cage when people whine about how the Training staff are crap but dont actually see it from the other side.
    By the way the recruiting for my Sqn has risen by 30% since I got posted in mostly through my own recruiting!

    Not going to get into a slanging match as it derails this thread.
  8. Dont think anyone was taking the piss.

    People pull out of training erk me, but its life. The army can be very slow moving at times and in my case i'm having to make long term employment decisions within 24 hrs... What im saying is its not soldier or staff causing the problems.