Issues viewing website

If you are using a PC try "ctrl + F5"
No problems here. Must be your puter. Use firefox or google chrome instead of Internet Explorer. (or update whatever browser you are using)
Seems very slow at the moment.
I had a bit of slowness not so long ago. Opened up an0other website to see if it was the internet and it opened up ok. Then went back to arrse and it was all hunky dory again.
working fine on chrome. The only thing that seems to be slow is the abusive ChatM's from cockwomble. I fire them back and it takes him an age to come back with one, the ******* civvy gobbling pongo wannabe.
Was very slow using Chrome for a while not long ago. Fine again now.
Same here Monty, but just put down the odd 'glitch' to net-lag or the puter and server have had a tiff and don't wish to speak to each other. I use Wi-Fi though, so expect some signal fluctuations.

Isn't technology wonderful!
Earlier I had the '403 Forbidden' whenever I tried to log in but only for an hour. It is a lot faster now that 'chat' has been disabled as well.
This morning I have been receiving messages from Incapsula indicating timing out and a subsequent refusal to connect.
Eventually I went in to NavyNet and got into Arsse that way.
Having done a kick-start, all now seems to be well.


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Last night I was getting "Error 403 Forbidden" at home, using my normal Forefox/Win7Pro. Today, on DII-F, just got on after an hour, with a combination of timeouts and a very odd message - Incapsula, I think. On Android, could not connect this morning, but seems to have come on within last 15 mins.

Something is wrong on the server front, would be my guess.
See my outages thread next to this one. Weird server errors out of the blue. I think I found a fix this morning, but it's a fix that doesn't give me a great deal of confidence!
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