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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by blastedglute, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. I notice more and more images and videos of HM Forces on tour with different rifles. The regular 5.56 seems to be part of a range of rifles currently in use and for my ignorance of the subject I was wondering what factors decide what weapons a soldier/troop/regiment will deploy with? Also, will the man be expected to use one type of rifle for the breath of his operational tour or is it on a day by day basis? I can't imagine an overall proposal to change the current rifle, if only for financial reasons. If this is a bone question my apologies, I don't know where else to get an opinion on it!


  2. Wah shield up.

    Errrmm...have you noticed what dates these images have? As far as I can recall the SAS carried M-16s in the Falklands (and were not to impressed with them.
  3. You will use one type of rifle for the duration, pretty much. May also be issued a sidearm if your job requires it. You will probably also be expected to use the GPMG when on stag.
  4. Duel wield with scavenger works for me.......
  5. Wasn't it something daft like 26 rounds to put down an Argie?
  6. Something along those lines. I really have to wonder how dim someone can be to imagine that a huge selection of bangsticks will be issue.
  7. Apologies accepted! ;-)
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  8. I think you get asked now which gat you want to use. The Armourer checks if he has it in stock or if he has to purchase it.
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  9. Aye, sorry about this. Not a notion where to look/ask besides. It was this video that just got me thinking. I don't know the name of what he's using(it was from a thread here and mentioned on it but I can't find it again...) When I spotted the troop next to him who appears to be equipped with the standard rifle I was wondering what determines what each troop will go on patrol with. Cheers for the info besides

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    COD points dependant obviously
  11. Looks like the L129A1 sharpshooter rifle which is being used in the DMR role, although the mag looks a bit strange, i think it is that though.
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  12. Seems to be it alright, makes sense now to have a member(s) of a section equipped with a longer range semi-auto. Just read this article after a google and found an interesting tid-bit about the optics:

    Trijicon agrees to remove tiny coded bible verse references from its optics, placed beside the “Made in USA” moniker. Defence Management reports that their ACOG sights have been ordered to equip the UK’s new L129A1s.

    Anyone know what bible verse they had on there? And why?
  13. There are various inscribed codes that link to the New Testament; for example 2COR4:6
    "For God, who commanded the light to shine out of the darkness, hath shined in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of God in the face of Jesus Christ".

    Why? Because Trijicon company is owned by a bunch of Christian fundies who believe that they are on Crusade would be my best guess.
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  14. It the L129 Sharpshooter rifle in the video - the magazine is the issue polymer version made by Magpul.
  15. Make some nice sights though. It's not as if you want to sleep with the CEO of the company. I thought the references were a bit of a Samuel Jackson Pulp fiction type of vibe. It was years back. They offered to wipe the references off the British ones too. MOD quite sensibly said "can't be bothered"
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