Issued Kit

Just got issued my Op Tour goody bag of kit, what a suprise, it was like Christmas with all that new kit.
When I think back to the kit that was issued when I first joined this was bloody brilliant. There is still obviously room for improvement with some of the kit on issue, such as radios and some vehicles, but overall this kit is great (FIRST IMPRESSIONS ANYWAY) boots, webbing, socks undies etc.

Anyone concur?
For the most part, yes.


Assault Vest = Shiat
All I had on mine was a load of half size utility pouches. Good for bugger all imo.

Yes, I got the good old "bullseye on the plate pockets" CBA jobby and not osprey.

Whatever happened to kestral though?
Which assault vest? They are being changed almost every RiP as feedback is incorporated. Latest batch of pouches seem to be well received.

What are you saying about the Body Armour? If its that there is ECBA in the black bag its because the manufactures are at maximum capacity for Osprey. Its just starting to tail off and manufacturing has shifted to supplying pre-op trg. Osprey cover V3 is about to kit the streets

Kestrel is still on issue for top cover only.

UBACS shirts now on issue after manufactures were late in delivering.
having come back from hot, dusty places myself, i agree with Senses about the vest and CBA.Kestrel was withdrawn and is in the process of being taken out of service after Osprey took over dutys.We had an iso container full of that Kestral sat doing nothing, mind you saying that we had 2 iso's of buckshee Osprey as well.
Kit monster, thanks for the insight!
(E)CBA on issue to all personnel deploying. Osprey only issued in theatre to troops going outside the wire or on perimeter tasks was the order of the day this time last year - I'd assume they are starting to catch up now and are issuing for training during OPTAG where possible.

Are they issuing Meindl /Lowa desert boots yet?


good bit of kit the new assault vest but i find it really funny when guys get it new and put it together like it is in the picture you get with it.

Its modular, so guys who put it together like the picture are really missing the point.


but it think velcro is the way forward for the ammo pouches these days it will save some guys some money but my put Jay Jay's and troopers out of pocket.
I was issued meindl boots and a pair of desert magnum, I believe infantry and such get lowas, good kit, assault vest is great as well, even if its only worn when flying with ECBA, Osprey at other times. Impressive kit, but Ive noticed questions are being asked about the theatre budget.

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