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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixx_91, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. Alright everyone...

    starting my phase 1 soon and im just wondering when you pass out what kit are you issued with and are you allowed to use your kit that you have purchased?

  2. Issue tissue all the way. If you get found with extra kit you will be accused of being a thief. Stick it out with the issue stuff until you get to your unit then start wearing your Lowa's and SAS smock again.
  3. haha yh good point! cheers...
  4. exactly right. when I was in phase 1 they had all sorts of ways of dealing with non-issue kit (aside from thief accusations!). for instance, waterproof boots in the field resulted in them finding a nice big puddle, and getting you to take off your boots, stand in it in socks for 5 minutes, then put them back on. whilst most people in non W/P boots didn't get wet feet anyway! SAS or Para smock meant 'oh.. you think you're in the SAS / Paras do you? see that hill.. go get me a stick off the top of it' and gucci assault vests naturally resulted in a long crawl through thick mud...

    prior to joining I didn't really know about all the gucci kit available, so I went with just my issue stuff, and to be honest don't think I missed out on all that much. I wouldn't worry about it mate, it's not THAT bad and if the training area does manage to consume any of your equipment at least you'll get it replaced.
  5. Wot he said, once back at your unit amongst your muckers you will know what you can & cant get away with :wink:.

    Whilst still a recruit use what you are given :)

  6. Depends what unit u are joining and what ur Trg team is like i know in my trg team its issue for the 1st 6 weeks then we let the blokes get gas and softies daysacks and utility pouch
  7. nice one guys...yh il definatly stay with the issue stuff just to be safe seeing as its phase 1 cic (para) at itc catterick, id just get the shit ripped out of me turning up for infantry basic in custom gear! :D

  8. Best stick to issue, search for Mike Golden to see where it all went wrong.... :twisted:
  9. i tell you what that article about "mike golden" was ******* brilliant what a nob i mean how sad can you really get?? seriously hes probs a virgin aswell well as everything else he has been called on this website...just to add insult to injury...