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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SantaSpud, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. just wondering what equipment kit you are actually issued with during basic dont want to end up buying something if it will be issued to me 8O
  2. Buy nothing. You won't be allowed to use any military kit you turn up with (coming off the obstacle course and going onto the drill square in ten minutes in the same pair of boots is part of the experience), it could well be confiscated and not returned, and you wouldn't make any friends anyway by having it easier than most.

    Bring the little extras, but not military kit.
  3. Does that extend to the likes of buffalo/snugpak type warm kit? What about gore-tex socks?
  4. You will be allowed to wear the warm kit they issue and nothing else. I doubt you'll need any extras anyway; the issued warm kit is pretty good; Lifa-type tops and long johns, Norwegians, softie jackets are all issued now. As for Sealskinz-type socks that's probably up to you; they will freeze your feet in this weather though.

    At some point in your career you just have to experience what it's like to use what the army gives you and nothing else. It builds character, shows you what's really useful and what's an optional extra and prepares you for the day when Crab-air loses all your kit and you have no choice but to stick to basics.
  5. You get issued those.
  6. ok thanyou for this, its just i was under the impression you got issued combats and dress 2's and that was it - no warm gear or stuff.
    Doubt i'll need long-johns though or be issued them seens as i'm female :wink:
  7. Seriously....who on earth gave you that idea?!
  8. Someone who joined in 1980
  9. ^ That would be my dad :D Also just one more thing, do you get a leatherman or something or will they not be needed?
  10. If you really need or want one, you buy them yourself (or get one as a leaving present :wink: )
  11. You get a bayonet, which is up to most tasks. I've stopped carrying my Leatherman after realising how little I actually used it.

    Lohn johns-wise; you still have major arteries running down your legs, and a thin pair of soaked polycotton combats is not that windproof. You'll soon decide to start wearing them.
  12. They issue softies and gore tex socks on Phase 1!?!?! Amazing.
  13. okay thx, will not spend my money on something if its not going to be used, I already have a pocket knife/ multitool which i guess will be just fine.
  14. Yes it will do you.
  15. Not at an ATR you wont!