Issued kit on ebay?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by blade1664, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. Why is there so much new issued kit (MTP) on ebay? I have just seen some jerk selling a MK7a helmet for £200. Its a joke when the military is skint that people are stealing kit and selling it for their own profit on ebay. Same with PRRs wont be long before you see EZ PRRs on ebay.
  2. Who says it's stolen, although it could well be, it could be issued and unworn, bought as a diffy etc, PRRs on the other hand are a different matter
  3. I will bet you a whole pint that there is no way on earth that a Mk7A is a legitimate sale on E bay

    I will then bet you another that the individual in question will be getting a visit in the very near future :biggrin:
  4. I'm also sure sure of what you say...the visits and consequences should be publicised more then maybe it'll lessen the flow.
  5. There are currently 3 Mark 7s for sell on ebay, one is on with the starting price of 0.99p.
  6. I know that the snowdrops monitor ebay and I'm fairly sure 643 Troop do, as well.
  7. Most be the type of people they are letting in nowdays, I bet theft had never occurred in the British army's 300 years of history until now.

    £200 a helmet? Well I know what going to be the most proffed item of 2011.
  8. I wonder just how many monkeys do look at Ebay, unless the kit is not for general sale, theres not much they can do about it. Civvie plod are hardly going to get out of bed because someone is selling a pair of socks (Green) as used by the SAS.
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  9. Are you sure? I made quite a nice profit flogging Bayonets that were "scrapped", and I'm not talking about 1 or 2!
  10. What, you mean 3!?! ;-)
  11. Do the RMP really have any powers on eBay? How exactly do they come and get you because unless you tell them where you live, how can they even identify you?
  12. They do actively target illegal sales on eBay, a previous Troop Staffie of mine was investigated for flogging one set of ECBA, the rozzers carried out a 100% check of unit holdings to see if any ECBA was missing. (it wasn't) He was found through IP address research, not hard at all to do.

    Cash has always been a big persuader though, anyone remember the joys of interest free SSVC TV's being bought on a thursday and flogged for beer tokens on a friday?

    The bloke selling Mk7 helmets are money grabbing toerags though, especially as the 'don't worry, its a big company' excuse isn't holding water anymore......
  13. I'm not bothered, I don't sell anything on eBay, especially nicked kit, you mention IP addresses, but how? Is there some collaboration between eBay and the RMP? You can't just take someone's eBay name and find out where they live, and I'm sure you can sell stuff without ever revealing your identity or address.

    I'm looking at an example now, guy selling Mk7 on eBay, apart from the fact he has used his probable last name and maybe even last 4, how would he ever be identified? If the RMP are really relying on retards to have eBay IDs such as "Smith9876" or something like "Jones1234-2PARA" then it's not very sophisticated.
  14. There is collaboration between eBay and the RMP.

    Depending on how you pay and get paid, you will have registered a number of credit cards, addresses and email accounts with them. It's easy to find you.

    I'm sure some cyber geeks and rozzer types could inform you better.
  15. Ebay actively cooperate with police, RMP, BTP, ModPlod and private security/loss prevention companies. Once they know who they're dealing with they'll pass on information on request.