Issued kit circa 1982

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steven, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. And wearing a proper helmet.

    I still remember the joy of wet putties and the 58 pattern GS Doss bag liner.
  2. Last intake in Lymstone to be issued DMS & Putties,
  3. Mine were knee length.
  4. Mine is Knee length still.........I can stll cut it with the ladies in OG thermals
  5. WHAT?!!! No Toggle Rope?! Sarn't Major! That man on a fizzer!

    Nostalgia - making sh1t kit seem better since round about the third pint.
  6. Quite funny doing P Coy and coming off Long Valley and seeing puttees trailing behind blokes like the retreat from Moscow!
  7. I thought that the best thing about that era of kit was the way that the canvas bags that everything came in could never be done up if wet.
  8. But the helmet in the picture wasn't around in 1982.

    Here is the linky thing.

    Thought my memory wasn't THAT bad......
  9. My mate was de-kitting the other day when into the box he threw a brand new KF shirt - I almost broke into a rash looking at it, his issued swimming trunks (the worst type of speedos you could imagine) and his stanleys - fcuk me it brought back some memories!
  10. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I had gaiters and 36 pattern when I joined. 58 pattern was a wonderful change. Loved puttees, almost.
  11. I still have my chinese fighting suit in case I'm ever camping out in sub zero temperatures (more chance of hell freezing over)....cracking piece of kit.

    Hated the 'boil in the bag' rubberised waterproofs..ended up soaking even if it wasn't raining.

    Dossing in a farmer's barn during a very frosty winter, I remember freezing my nuts off and l looking up through the 58 pattern sleeping bag...I could see the barn lights & people walking about, The down had disappeared from the body area of the*p.
  12. Must have been mans bag sleeping welsh (3 feathers) but I know what you mean - the ones that only came in small so you had to sleep in the faetal position!
  13. We had one long 58 bag in our company nabbed by some evil dwarf
    When they hit the surplus shops all the long bags appeared :x .
  14. Being a lofty 5'6" I was never struggling for a long enough 58 gonk bag, in fact I always seemed to be issued a long/extra-long.

    A relative of mine however was always pleased to see that the CQMS of the Guards company he was in only ever had sleeping bags, short arrse, for the use of! :roll: