issued kit. can it be traced

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by the_creature, May 20, 2010.

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  1. I understand no one wants the RMP in the blocks. But if kit has been stolen or kit found can it be traced to the soldier its issued to or unit. e.g issued fleece has a serial number on the label, if i were to loose it or someone found it can it be traced back to me. i no name everything and i am coming across as pedantic as i know any storeman or RMP dont have the time of day to deal with such crow like issues. i just want to no can you do it in theory.
  2. What have you nicked?
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I don't believe that normal kit is individually numbered....your kit with have an NSN but it will be the same NSN as every other bit of the same kit issued.

    Special kit - NVG, weapons etc will have individual serial numbers so they can be traced..

    Sort of depends what you've nicked..;)

  4. Kit with a registered number yes, clothing no.
  5. Actually its buckshee. jokes aside i no this is going to sound really sad. i had my Burgen locker broken into when i was at Catterick, it was physically broken into and my standard issue gloves were nicked. i had my wallet, phone and car keys in a safe box locked inside my bed space locker. i finished CIC ages ago but being on exercise without the buggers wet and cold got me thinking could of they been traced if i said something.
  6. How do you expect any chance of finding your stolen kit, if you don't like/want RMP coming in and having a go at investigating, or protectively marking your kit? They provide a service at the end of the day pal.
  7. Of course it can be traced. It is well known that every item contains a nano-chip in the crow's foot. A highly trained team from SIB, 49 PARA and SO12 are on duty 24/7/365, their only mission being to hunt down the malefactors responsible for the theft of said item. Once identified, the felon is followed by large, swarthy men who originate from a remote area of the Balkans.

    At a given time, the guilty sumbitch is taken from their bed at about 0200, covered with an offal sack and driven around the M25 whilst in the back of a 15-year old Transit which has failed shock absorbers. When they reach Potters Bar, the 'suspect' is beaten around the torso with a leg from a military bed frame ca1970. The remains are then shot with a full mag from a Desert Eagle, just to prove that the weapon does have a practical purpose.

    At the same time, the guilty bastards family (to 3 generations) are rounded up and sent to a *cough* labour camp.

    Edited to add that I've just seen that you are the vic here so please ignore my dribble above 8)
  8. you got the wrong idea pal. If something more serious was stolen i would go straight to the red caps. however its more the case of the platoon nco's and snco's not liking the RMP going round getting everyones kit out of lockers and pretty much fcuking up everyones day. It was just something i wanted to no in theory. It was only a pair of gloves to be fair no money or other kit was taken which was a bit suprising, he must of really wanted those gloves.
  9. Still a pair of gloves on your 1157 that you haven't got, did you do anything at the time, like report a break in?
  10. Last time something was there that shouldn't have been and I was involved I was told;

    "If it's not on your signature and you've not got a receipt from surplus store for it then you're gonna be in the shitte!"

    RMP sipping tea sat behind me pointed out;

    "The investigator has to prove the item is stolen. The individual does not have to prove it was purchased. borrowed or found."
  11. . My Bergen locker wasn't the only one broken into. 3 other lads had theirs broken into and more serious kit was stolen like CBA,Webbing and the bergans or daysacks themselves. Those guys reported the brake in and had serious formal interviews about it and one or two were put on section commanders warning for having no locks on. To be honest I had bigger things to worry about at the time, I bought a bigger and better lock and carried on. I didn't want to sit through an interview about my gloves going walkies.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Then don't bitch about in on arrse :)
  13. Stick your zap No on all your kit with a big fcuk off permy pen. It's unique to you. All my kit's marked, with it and all my gucci items like gps, etc have my dz flash painted on along with my zap number. Job jobbed. As for your blokes having no locks on their locker, then it's tough shite for them. Lock it or lose it.
  14. Err, Well no it isn't unique to you as it happens. It is possible that someone may have the same combination of last four (One in every 10,000 numbers) and first two... possible but remote agreed.

    Only your full eight digit number is unique to you.
  15. Fcuking pedant; if it's good enough for the cas chain, it's good enough for marking kit. COCK!

    Creature: if you don't want to report it cos of RMP, go diffy; when you full screw asks about it, explain yourself and reasoning. if it's an ongoing thing, with previous incidents, the Pl staff should execute a cunning witch hunt to identify the tea leaf and cut his fingers off at the second knuckle, before stringing the cnut by his bollox outside the NAAFI!