Issued Heartbeats From the Mighty Man

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Scotch-Pie, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. Whilst serving in NI some years ago the Padre passed our PT parade on his daily walk about and kindly informed us that we are all allocated a certain amount of heart beats and that PT was a sure way to an early grave. Is this true!
  2. I like to smoke 20 a day to reduce my allocation that running malarchy was hard work.
  3. Well if it is, you do the math. Average fit bloke against average fat bloke...

    fit bloke resting heartrate 50bpm or less
    fat bloke resting heart rate 70bpm+

    fit bloke heart rate in exercise 140bpm+ (but probably no more than an hour a day)
    fat bloke ... ok no exercise!

    However you do the figures, unfit guys usually have more heartbeats in a day than fit guys.
  4. They reckon about 8,000,000 per creature. Obviously the big fcukers with slow heart beats (whales, effelumps etc) last longer than those with vibrator speed pulses (mice, RP Staff etc). Once you've had your 8 million in theory the old ticker packs in. Usually by this time a swift un-noticed bus or dose of cancer has saved it a job.
    Cheerful fcuker, ain't I?
  5. you clearly have some knowledge of the above subject but you have forgotten a vital component in this equasion, as im sure you are aware fat blokes on average sleep more approx 4hrs weekdays and 6hrs a day wkends. Your heart rate slows down 20-40% when at full rest (sleep).
    Please feel free to do the math im off for a snooze.