Issued chest rig

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by FNUSNU, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. Do they come in desert DPM? I've been issued the usual green one for Telic. Also anyone know what the large clips facing the rear on the shoulders are for? And what is the little pocket on the upper left pouch for? Cheers guys!
  2. Chest rig or assault vest?
  4. I believe it is an assault vest as it has the three clips at the front and zip pockets either side.

    Cheers guys.
  5. If you mean the 2 little 'pockets' within the top left pocket, they are for morphine auto-injects. The pocket should also contain an FFD.
  6. Naa! sounds like hes got the original one, the small pocket would be for a mars bar wouldnt it? Least, thats what i used it for.
  7. A photo of the chest rig that I make ,their are more pockets /pouches than the normal MOD version .
    Chest rig from Smamit in use with Info
    anyway its to show achest rig in use with a day pack ,to go over armour a split chest rig or Belt kit is not a bad idea.
    yours Reg 646
  8. if your kit is as good as you keep on bleating it is, why dont you put your money where your mouth is and sponsor a forum. Instead of keep using it for free advertising, if I was an advertiser here, i would be well p####d off with your free-loading antics.

    Note to moderator; cant something be done about this clown?
  9. The assault vest that we all have been issued is in desert dpm, and I think the 2 clips on the back at the top are to connect your camelback to the assault vest!
  10. Ah The Clown is back :wink: Sorry if I came across a bit strong there.
    There is a Question ,
    Why don't your Chest Rig's ,vests and belt kit have Hand and Smoke Grenade Pouches ? also a clear pocket for radio codes , this would make the equipment more versatile.

    Some of the yank vests I've seen have the Mag's sticking out and held in by a bungee cord ,Its meant to give you quick access though the idea of crawling in the dust and mud with a mag sticking out doesn't appeal to me.
  11. With our belt kit the ammo pouches are meant for smoke and HE bombs (right hand side); smoke in one compartment, 2x HE in the other. Although with current ammo scales there's only one compartment left for that.

    Some guys are clipping bombs on to there kit for swift use, certainly SF don't seem to like having them in pouches. And seeing the results of one going off in a pouch I can see why. HE bombs are now allowed in pockets (I hear). Personally I clip smoke onto my webbing and HE goes in the command pouch.

    The thing with Brit webbing is that its universal and is therefore a compromise. What one arm needs wil differ from another arm. Hence the amount of modification and private purchase going on. The only vest with a dedicated smoke pouch is Vanguard's All Arms. See here this is also the only vest (xl vesrion) I've seen big enough to go over Osprey/Kestrel. Saw these on Telic before Osprey/Kestrel came in so I know it works. Seen photo's of RM using it on Herrick recently too.

    Re yank kit with bungees; I think that's a superb idea for some applications especially FIBUA or 'snatch' type Ops but I'd never use it for green work. I'd also be concerned about those cords wearing through with repeated use.
  12. Lady_Macbeth , Thanks very much ,
    Thats interesting , We put our Hand grenade's upside down in the grenade pouch with a piece of cord attached around the bottom ring of the grenade ,you pull the grenade out by the cord and not by pull ring ,it works well and is safer,

    About the Yank pouches I agree for every day use it would be a problem

    Whit that here is a link to a new ITW Product for holding mags on Osprey/US vests
    ITW Fast Mag
    yours Reg646
  13. I don't like the look of that at all. All sorts of issues come to mind. Fragments, a lot of space taken up for not much return, comfort factor, noise (stuff knocking against it) and I don't care what they say; I wouldn't trust it not to break. But then I still don't trust plastic mags either.
  14. Thought they came in desert dpm, the usual green dpm I've been issued would make me stick out like a sore thumb!
  15. There is about to be a buy of a new assault vest after the criticisms of the old one (pouches opening etc). Its a cracking piece of kit, very expensive and totally modular. The manufactures are making them as fast as possible ready for an issue this summer.

    By the way the reason that some of the vests are Temperate DPM is that the MOD procures both types. When the manufactures cannot keep up with demand of the desert type the DC IPT issues a green one rather than not issuing anything.

    On the subject of what is designed for each pouch there is reasons behind all the different ones (the new one has 17!), this information is passed via the chain of command. Like much of what is considered not impotent to staff officers the info never gets past the in tray. yes I'm bitter!!