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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by welshlad91, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. hey sorry guys if this is a stupid question. my recruiter gave me boots to attend a look at life for royal engineers and he said to keep them. i have got my selection on the 14th of august and then basic if i pass. i was just wondering if its worth training in them before i go to selection and basic or isit just pointless? any help is appreciated :D
  2. Go walking in them, avoid running in them unless you've already done some boot runs. Even then, keep it down.
  3. well we done the assault course in them on the look at life course. can i just ask why avoid running in them? would i actually gain anything by training in them?
  4. I assume you're already doing a fair amount of running in running shoes. If you start doing a lot of running in boots (which odds are you're not used to wearing) you will probably be "overtraining" and may injure yourself. Better to start doing lots of brisk walking in the boots and get used to wearing boots. Good THICK socks are important.

    Once you're used to wearing boots regularly and doing distances in them and assuming you are already doing lots of running then by all means start running in boots. However, ask yourself this:

    Why does the army not do PT in boots anymore? ;)
  5. Some of us still do :wink:
  6. oh ok thanks makes sense! i thought the army does do PT in boots lol. dont you have to do everything in your boots in basic?
  7. Wouldn't advise p!shing and shi!ting in them but if you leave them unattended someone might.
  8. Ditto. I don't see why so many units don't do PT in boots; on ops, you will run in your boots; train as you mean to go on. If people get injured, then the boots need redesigning; the army should not have to adapt its practices, consequently impacting on operational effectiveness, because of kit limitations. We train in helmets because if we were to wear DPM baseball caps then the unfamiliarity of helmets would cause problems on ops (and we'd look like chavs).

    (And before I got a pair of Lowas, I used to do all my PT in CABs without a problem. Just get some sorbothane-type insoles and break the boots in well first).
  9. I'd wear them for walking around in etc good chance you've been a soft shoe shuffler (ie trainer wearer) for most of your day's by wearing them it will should toughen up your feet and the boots will be broken in nicely by the time you start basic
  10. but would i use them boots for basic or would i get new ones?
  11. You will get new ones
  12. Hi m8 seems the army dont use boots to run in anymore , if u going for raf regiment gunner or marines i would say yes .

  13. :roll: stay off the drugs or try and borrow the family brain cell at least once before posting.
  14. oh i thought so... so its pointless running in these ones cause ill have 2 break my new ones in anyway isi?
  15. Errrrrm.......yes it it does you cock.

    Welshlad PT is made up of many differnet areas, its not just all about running. When you progress in your phase 1 or CIC you will do more and more Green PT. This could be anything from a TAB or booted run to assault courses, casualty carries and log runs. It'll be mixed up with normal trainer runs and circuits. Dont worry, your staff know what they're doing, you'll be pushed to your limits but you will be fit as fcuk before long.
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