Issued boots sizing

How much difference is there between the different size denominations? 10S, 10R, etc. Although the length is fine, my 10M's seem to have a little too much volume, even with the inclusion of Sorbathane inserts and a heel lift.

You have two choices:

1. Try 10S
2. Botox your feet.
The Small, Medium and large refer to the width, not the length. Therefore a size 10S is not the next size up from a 9L.
I heard that because some boots were made in the USA, the sizings are f**ked, so a boot marked 10L may actually only be a 9L, or something like that. Can anyone verify this?
I think that was just jungle boots. IIRC there was a job lot of jungle boots bought from a chineese supplier that fell apart in very short order, in fact the supply chain ran out of boots before endex on a RED STRIPE/TROPICAL STORM. Belieze (sp) being not far from Spam land they went ther for a rapid local purchase, and of course Spam foot wear is sized differently to ours.
If the length is fine then just go for a small in that size.
It really is not rocket science.

Also, I know QM staff are not always the most helpful in the world but hows this for a novel thought. TRY THEM ON BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE STORE
The Combat Assault Boots are made in Spain and have never been made in the US.
The old N.I boots were great even if they were made out of reinforced cardboard.
I wore mine till the bottoms fell out.
And they fit.

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