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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Sc00by, Jul 13, 2010.

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  1. Just wondering easiest way to get a differant pair of boots issued??
    A few sappers i know complained with foot problems and got altbergs issued, whats easiest thing to complain about to get some issued?

  2. Complain to your Tp Staffy that he works you too hard and it hurts your feet. Alternatively, something that you actually have physically wrong with you instead of bleating about feck all to get a pair of gucci boots would be a start. A trip to the med centre might also be in order to get some Canestan in order to sort out your sore fanny as well.
  3. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Alternatively you could just buy a pair instead of trying to scam the system. Tight arse.
  4. Well put :)
  5. Why don't you just say you've got shin splits and wear trainers all day?
  6. Either you need them because you have a medical problem ( see MO, get referred to physio and podiatry, they agree that you have a problem requiring specialist footwear, a chit is then issued, taken to the medical centre, MO agrees and translates into an order chit, which you take to the RQ and then get your boots)


    You man up, take the perfectly good boots you are issued and wear them, or buy your own. You are paid a salary, you do not, by your own admission, need alternative issued boots. So if you want them go and buy.

    PS Do not be surprised when the RSM stops you wearing them as they are not issued!
  7. fcuk me. it's like all the prefects decending on the new boy who mentioned the elephant in the room.

    here's a question...... how many american soldiers feel the need to replace issued boots with privately purchased ones?

    how do the yanks view the quality/suitability of our issued boots?

    p.s. issue boots, size 9, 2.2kg. anyone got a pair of altbergs to weight?
  8. I buy my own boots, so never try and scam the system, but issue boots are ******* shit and cause my feet no end of problems. Sure, I may have weak, girls feet, but if I can wear a pair of Lowas and never have a problem whilst running or tabbing compared to what I get with issued boots, well **** them.
  9. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    actually yes, my size 10 medium altberg jungle microlites weigh 1.44kg, my desert microlites weigh 1.64kg and my crampon compatible moutain boots weigh 2.6kg

    and who cares what the yanks feel about their boots, having gucci boots doesn't necessarily make you perform better it's not relevant to the question asked.

    As i and others have pointed out if he doesn't need them medically, then the OP should either man up and live with the issue or buy a pair, using up his valuable PAYD/Beer tokens.
  10. food for thought.....if you have an accident whilst wearing non issued boots and the blame comes down to the footwear...then you will be at fault.....and unable to claim any spondoolies!

    just be thankful you didnt have to wear some shite that used to be issued...hehehe
  11. To actually answer the question - the easiest thing to have is small and 1/2 size feet ... But then that's a new thing and I've always had to buy my own boots.
  12. Cheers. So altbergs are approx. 1/3 lighter than issue boots - significant advantage to the altberg wearer i think.

    My Staff ditched a pair of 8mth old issue boots today due to crappy soles.

    Cheap boots = less effective soldier & false economy imo.
  13. Or if you are in the RN just go to slops (Uniform Clothing store) with the NSN and order some, worked for me,I only wanted them for walking in Scotland as a Phase 2 instructor and got them!
    Thinking about it they be Lowas?
  14. exactly 105AVRE, some of those bad boys were just the most comfortable footwear going. saying that i could not get on with the meindls they issued for herrick they ripped my heels to buggery.