Issue with kevlar helmet

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by nomansland, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. Hi all

    i'm having some problems regarding the issue kevlar helmet.

    I'm in the TA, doing phase 1 training currently. My problem is that the kevlar helmet i've been issued does not fit. it is simply too big. It is also a size SMALL, and i've been told there are no smaller sizes. At first this didnt seem a problem. It was a loose when running but it didnt seem an issue. However it is impossible for me to aim a weapon prone as i find myself staring into the top of the helmet as it covers my eyes. Adjusting it does not help, it soon finds a way to come loose. It's getting to the point where whenever i have to do anything, patrol, stag, ect. I find myself taking the helmet off as i simply cant see what im doing. In training this is bad enough, but on operations this could seriously increase my chances of getting injured.

    This is really becoming a pain in the arrse and so my question is, are there civilian alternatives available in a smaller size? if so, would these be allowed, if not, any ideas for making it fit? I'm at my wits end with this thing!

    Thanks for replies
  2. have you tried a cap comforter rolled to take up the slack
    and do your mates call you pinhead :D
  3. They're all too big. Stick a first field dressing in the top, or, as has been suggested, wear a hat. Do your ear defenders not prop it up somewhat?
  4. not yet :p

    and ive tried something similar underneath but we keep getting told not to wear hats under out helmets.
  5. Nomansland,

    The recruit staff should have fully briefed you up,
    Helmets are issued slightly too big for everyone,
    If you leave the Kevlar helmet submerged in water over night it will shrink.
    This can be confirmed by any of your seniors.
  6. The hat is a bad idea, think of the heat when tabbing/doing section attacks particularly in summer or in Iraq.

    I don't have any other ideas though, sorry.
  7. or you can do the same with your head and swell it up :D
  8. [​IMG]
    maybe this
  9. What size do the gurkhas wear?
  10. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Peanut heed

    I will check the books tomorrow and see if there is a special measure
  11. A soldier in my Sqn actually grew his hair and tied it in a bun
    On top of his head, I tell you what he swears by it, and the QM is pleased
    as its less exchanges.
  12. or wear a bucket of bees for 7 minutes
  13. Don't wear a hat under your helmet! You will look like a hideous REMF.

    Stick an FFD or mouse mat inside your lid.
  14. It's a very badly designed helmet anyway. If you see someone whose helmet cover isn't torn/worn over the right eye you know they're support arms because the silly little iron sight on SUSAT clashes with the helmet. Perhaps a PARA helmet might help as I understand that they're slightly smaller (Not head size but they have less coverage).

    What Arm are you in?

  15. At least give the poor lad a chance. The New Helmets will only shrink if you piss in them normal water will not work. If you can’t fill it in one Bladder load get your mates to help you out. However do not attempt to fill it in stages as it will shrink unevenly and look like something off of Star Wars. Pleased to be of help. :D