issue water bottle/nbc lid

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Chris_2oo6, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. anyone know where i can buy these online??

    need 2 x bottles + nbc tops asap

    my stores wont let me go diffy... have to go through the CQMS and they do the whole COY as a oner...

    and next diffys and exchanges isnt for a while

  2. Didn't you only join a year ago? Can't beleive you lost them already!
  3. Tried ebay, army surplus store, friends got spares?

  4. Chris_2006 - are you at a unit? If you're diffy then you're diffy, they should give you a new one...
  5. If they'll only issue to the whole company, then perhaps you should start stealing everyone else's waterbottles.

    After a week or two of this, then the whole company WILL need new waterbottles, and you'll have a nice little stash for the next (many) times you lose one.

  6. Then you'd be a theiving little cnut and need hanging from your scrotum. ;)
  7. Are you for real? Why do you suddenly need a number of water bottles? Never heard of an SQMS / CQMS who'll only issue to a whole company in one go! Ridiculous. I certainly wouldn't go buying an isue water bottle.
  8. company stores normally have at least 30 40 spare bottles plus box of lids for all kinds of reasons ask your coy cqms with big pack of his fav biscuits in one hand am sure if he likes you you are sorted if not he might still be nice to you.
  9. Agreed.

    Never underestimate the power of biscuits when dealing with any of the true power-base of HM Armed Forces. Please remember to be subtle and discreet as he will undoubtedly be a fat cnut and not want to share with any of his hard-working underlings.
    Remember that quality counts - SPAR own-brand custard creams are likely to be met with scorn. However, I've never met a man who could resist their pink-wafers....

    Hope that helps.
  10. all done via the clothing stores and they fcuk us off when we go up there

    say to go through cq's and do coy as a oner

    and yeah ive only been in 18 months.. but i lost them when i was in iraq
  11. Lose the ones you have got. Get billed and recieve new ones.
  12. See your nearest lance jack mate. Tell him to pass it through your plt sgt that you have no waterbottles.
  13. go to uk kit monster; I think its about £9 for a bottle with NBC top but no mug

    good website too
  14. Fcuk that, go to your Trg Wg, they will have CBRN spares.