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Right folks in response to a number of requests I have decided that anymore inane posts asking what I will get issued when I turn up at ITC or do I need to follow the Joining Instructions for training courses in regards to kit will be deleted. If you are fortunate enough to be starting your career in the armed forces then welcome aboard, you will get a comprehensive list courtesy of your recruiter detailing what you will need to bring to the training establishment. That list has been developed for decades and No you do not need a spare set of privately purchased combats suit and boots, it will only be confiscated or worse stolen. The man at Q&M will issue everything else you need for your spell at HMP ITC and the consumable can be restocked by the Dick Turpin like activities of NAAFI etc.
No I cant tell you what kit you will be issued and recruits in training now may be issued different levels or styles to the next intake so look forward to it as a sort of early Christmas courtesy of the MoD.
Right next is the issue of trained soldiers and joining instructions. I am pretty sure its been said many times that if you take what is on the list then you cant go wrong. If you havent been issued what is on the list then see your Pln Sgt and ask if he can get it sorted for you please!
If you are a TA recruit being sent to a basic training course and they havent issued you enough kit then its hardly your fault that they send you back the next day as long as you have asked your Pln Sgt/PSI for the kit or a chit explaining that you arent at fault.
If you are just after some info about what kit on the list gets used on the course and what you are hoping to leave behind then start a thread in the training wing or better still the naafi!
That way when everyone takes the piss out of you you will know its in the right place.
Yes you can get away on courses without taking all the kit on the list but you will look a muppet if the course picture states an order of dress which you decided wasnt worth packing!
Most of all you get issued the best kit we could develop which is 100 000, 000 times better than the DMS and Puttes I was issued some 31 years ago even if it is all made by the lowest bidder and if you have funny shaped feet the nice scablifter will issue you a chit for a pair of slipper like racing boots especially for club footed mongy ones.
FFS please look after the kit and dont get caught flogging it on E Bay when there is too much month at the end of the money. Wait till you leave the mob!


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When do we get paid? :p
Anyone else have issued braces that couldn't get from the back of your pants over your shoulders to the front, and I'm 5' 8" FFS
Are you sure you didn't have your trousers on upside down? ;)
You could be right here, I always wondered why I had two puttees and only one neck.
For the first 9 years of my service we had Izal grease proof bog roll, I'm still trying to get the clinkers from 20 years ago off my arse.

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